Saturday, 30 March 2013

I'm feeling 22

It's been a while since it's been decent weather, but as you can see from the sun in shining down in the background, today was pretty beautiful!

Sequin Knit Sweater, c/o Chicnova
Sheer Gladiator Dress (worn as skirt) c/o Boohoo (or similar Skirt HERE!)
Lookalike Zara Metal Collar Tip White Sheer Shirt, Ebay - £11
Vintage Silver Layer Necklace, Carboot - £1
Platform Buckle Boot, c/o Daisystreet

I haven't worn my hair up in a messy bun in a while, it has to be hair that has been on it's 2nd or 3rd day to achieve a look like this really, otherwise it won't stick. I don't use hairspray either on my updo's or even hairclips - I was quite impressed this was just a one bobble updo!

This sequin knit jumper is amazing. I fell in love ith it on the site and have worn it a fair few times to make an outfit a little bit more exciting but still stay warm. It's fairly itchy so you have to wear a long sleeved top or shirt underneath to make it comfy! It's actually very similar to the one Taylor Swift was wearing in her music video for 22, which she looks amazing in :-)
I love the dress because it provides a really great sheerness, and I've linked a similar skirt version if you were after just the skirt and not have to buy the whole dress!

Hope everyone is good and sorry blogging hasn't een to frequent this month - I've been a busy bee but April is going to be full of lovely new outfits and bits and bobs :-) Have a happy Easter for tomorrow!

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Heart Attack.

Hello all!
The snow is starting to clear up a little, but it's still mega thick. It's literally around 3-4 inches deep *gulp*

Sheer Leopard Print Shirt, c/o Oh My Love
Black Skater Skirt, c/o Romwe
Red Unif Hellbounds, Gift via Nastygal
Faux Leather Sleevless Gilet, Carboot - £4 (similar here!)
Red Knit Beanie, Ebay - £2.90
Circle John Lennon Round Sunglasses, c/o Zerouv

I asolutely L-O-V-E this leopard print shirt. Teaming it with red accents is something I think works with really well with this print (which I did similarly here) and so naturally I whipped my red hellbounds out, and added my new red beanie off ebay into the mix.

I'm hopign the weather will clear up so I can start really working my wardrobe. At the moment, I'm afraid, it won't be all that exciting!

But I do hope you are all well! :-)

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Friday, 22 March 2013

Khaki Parka

It's snowing.. and I hate snow.

Khaki Fur Lined Parka, Ebay - £16.99
Dream Big Slogan Tee, c/o Brashy Couture
American Apparel Riding pants, ebay - £35
Gold Detailed Cut Out Boots, c/o Choies
Sheer Socks, Ebay - £2.39
Black Beanie, Ebay - £2.99

It's not that I HATE snow. It's pretty to look at and as a child it usually meant a snow day. But when you get a little older it just means that it's harder to drive anywhere and it's just sooo cold. I don't dress well for winter to be honest, but I'm quite happy that I now own a fair few coats. My sister actually got this one and it's SO NICE. So warm inside, and amazingly good quality for an ebay coat. I have to admit I wasn't expecting it to be so nice but it really is warm and cosy. Khaki Parkas were a massive thing last winter and I didn't really like the trend, but as I always jump on the bandwagon late (like with my ombre!) it was only a matter of time!

Wearing my riding pants is standard in the cold as they're very thick and the only thing that really keeps my legs warm! I always find my disco pants and jeans let in more cold than necessary. I wore my cut out buckle boots with some tight socks from ebay HERE as I wanted to be able to keep my feet warm but keep the cut out detail visible, which you can't get with socks! I really like socks like this was ballet flats when it's cold too, as I get sick of having to always wear boots and wellies when it's cold!

Hope you are all staying safe if you have had this influx of snow and if you haven't I am super jealous!
Also very sorry for not blogging so much recently. I had my first ever bridal shoot last weekend and then a trip to style a photoshoot with French Connection in London on Tuesday, so I've been trying to get my body back to normal from travelling (which I hate so much!)

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Monday, 18 March 2013

London Bridge

Whilst I was in London for 5 days for London Fashion Week, I had the idea of doing a few outfit pictures around London. I am very much a Northern Girl, I love Sheffield & it would take a lot to make me cnsider leaving to go the the big city. The one thing I am envious of is the locations. The gorgeous backdrops for outfit pictures. I'm so envious of London bloggers who can take the most incredible photos, as Sheffield scenery really isn't that exciting!

I got in contact with one of my favourite photography bloggers Lily. If you haven't seen any of her work please take a look, she is ridiculously talented. Oh, and she is just 17! I know right, so jealous!

Photos taken by Lily Fulvio-Mason of Red Brick Lipstick

Boy London Cap, Ebay - £11.99
Pu Sleeve Sweater, c/o Sheinside
Pu Sport Shorts, c/o Missguided
Black Unif Hellbounds, gift via nastygal
Gold Chunky Chain Necklace, H&M - £7.99

These photos were taken on the bridge as you come out of Waterloo station. I loved how crazy busy it was, right next to the London Eye. Great atmosphere. not so great for outfit pictures when there are so many people wandering around!

This leather sleeved top is unbelievable. Very on trend and designer esque, can't wait to team it with a pair of dungarees and a beanie and converse in summer! The boy cap makes yet another appearance, and of course my pu sport shorts and hellbounds round the look off - voila!

Hope you are all well!
I will be showing the other two London look in the next few weeks and I hope you like these ones. Thankyou so much to Lily for being the loveliest photographer!

Much Love! xoxo

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

#26 Thrifty Thursday - Light 'Em Up

Sometimes I throw an outfit together and I feel like a bit of a fool for even calling myself a 'fashion blogger'
It's hard sometimes to honestly creatively come up with an outfit, especially with the weather which recently has been.. well actually. I don't know how to describe it. I think the best way would be to explain that yesterday it was gorgeous and sunny.. and hailing at the same time. Yeah, that kind of weather!

Red Check Flannel Vintage Shirt, Carboot - £2 (similar here!)
Faux Leather Sleevless Gilet, Carboot - £4 (similar here!)
Crop Wrap Top, Asos - £15 (Similar Missguided version here!)
Frayed Denim Hotpants (similar to Nastygal!), c/o Missguided
Kora Inverted Cross Necklace, c/o Rock N Rose

The thrifted pieces today are good. I am sooo happy with how I paired them together! I was really not a fan of leather gilets when they first started appearing, as I hate gilets in general. I did become isnpied when I saw how AWESOME it looks with a check shirt. ANY check shirt, not just the £50 ones in topshop. Grab one off your boyfriend, or from the granny rails in the charity shop! This one was robbed off my sister who thrifted it, it's lovely. I own far too many that are huuuuge on me but this one is fitted which sits well with the jacket. I like how it looks like a jacket rather than a two piece shirt and gilet. I love that, and I think the gilet really transforms your wardrobe! So happy I got one for £4 from the carboot :-)

The cross crop top looks slightly weird in the closeups (like I have an extra boob underneath!) but I have fairly prominent ribs so it looks odd. I love it though, it's similar to the ones on nastygal I could take my eyes off, so when I saw it on asos I added to my basket. Bad idea. Going on asos in general is bad idea. OOPS. Missguided also have a similar one for slightly cheaper and in other colours - whichever takes your fancy though!

The shorts are ridiculous in a good way, well, I think so. Again another nastygal lookalike Missguided really are the UKs answers to nastygal its incredible!) you can actually see my butt cheeks when I walk if they ride up too much, and they are very much a naked kinda pair of shorts but if you are going to a festival this year (I hate you) then I would recommend them cause they look shit hot AND are mega comfy!

Hope you are all well my darlings!
I have my brial photoshoot this weekend in Oxford which I have never been to before sooo I won't be blogging but I will probably instagram everything as always! Much love :-)

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

It Was Always You

Today was slightly schoolgirl esque in my outfit. I'm not really sure why but black and white seems to be all I can muster up at the moment, but luckily red is here to the recue!

Lookalike Zara Stud Shirt, Ebay - £12
Waffle Knit Jumper, H&M £7.99 (similar here!)
Black Skater Skirt, c/o Romwe
Red oversized large envelope clutch (other colours available!) , ebay - £11.50
Black Suede Buckle Wedge Boots, Gift (Similar Here!)
Gold Love Ring and Gold Chunky Ring, Thrifted - £1 each
Gold Chunky Chain Bracelet, H&M - £3.99

I really really love this lookalike zara shirt. I wasn't sure if I wanted it when it was on everyones radar a few months ago but it's only £12 and perfect with gold accents! Especially perfect for poking out under a jumper!
The Red clutch is a throwback from a while ago and I don't know why I don't use it as much as it's amazing! Big enough for everything and perfect for a pop of red :-)

The weather has been crazy recently. And I mean like, snowy one day and then sunny the next. My wardrobe is trying to adapt but I'm finding it really difficult - argh! Summer, I'm ready when you are! ;-)

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