Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Take me down like I'm a domino

Went shopping last week with the boy and picked up a few essentials (primark slippers ftw) and got all layered up. I'm not great with my a/w wardrobe, but I'm loving snoods and knit jumpers. I sorted my wardrobe out earlier this week and found so many lovely knits I forgot I owned - and just in time too!

Mens burgundy knit snood, primark - £5
Khaki cardigan, charity shop - £4.50
Topshop black maxi dress, ebay - £11
H&M leopard clutch c/o The Look show goody bag
Turquoise ring, carboot - 50p
Topshop gold heart watch bracelet, ebay - £7

I'm glad we went to a shopping mall, as my feet would have frozen in my wooden clog wedges, they were getting chilly in the car let alone in the icy cold!

How have you guys found the a/w fashion?


  1. You look gorgeous! I love your clutch!

  2. I love your snood. + I usually love a/w fashion but this year I've kind of being disappointed with stuff in the shops! Im hoping s/s will be better :) xx

  3. oh so beautiful! really love your like that =] x

  4. Ooh you look absolutely stunning Kavita! I love the long, draped layers, and your snood and cardigan are so pretty! xx

  5. Yey Kavita your hair is looking lovely in these photos :D I am finding it hard with A/W clothes. The weather keeps changing too much. Too hot too cold arg. England can't make up its mind x x

  6. pretty! love the entire outfit.

  7. Primark slippers are the shiz, sooo cozy! Love your snood, the men's section in Primark in amazing! Btw please do a tutorial on how you do your hair, it looks gorgeous! x

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  9. I am the worst at winter dressing. I'm the worst at summer dressing too, though - I basically wear the same thing all year round so I'm good for spring or autumn and any other time I have to freeze or sweat. I should probably work on that...

    This outfit is very very lovely, Kavita. I might have to get me a snood!

    Emily Wears Things

  10. you are so pretty! i love your scarf, the color is so beautiful

    xx, thefashionenthusiast1.blogspot.com

  11. Gorgeous! You have the prettiest looks and your hair is stunning. I love your clutch too. xxxx

  12. so pretty! love the baggy cardi x

  13. You look absolutely amazing, such a fab outfit! Your hair looks so healthy and full of volume too - jealous! xx

  14. Love the snood, that rich purple is stunning. I never think to look in Primark for pieces like that.

  15. AWWWW HEY SEXYYY! Looking good, as always x x LOVE the snood btw ;-) x

  16. So pretty - as always - but did your toes not get cold? I have three pairs on and my toes are still freezing! Hoping it warms up soon!



  17. Looking lovely as always!
    Claudia xxx

  18. Gorgeous. You've inspired me to crack my maxi dress out. x

  19. Ah your ability to put ebay/carboot/and highstreet finds together will always amaze me! You look sunning as always!


  20. what a beauty you are - love the outfit xx

    p.s. your one brave lady wearing those shoes in this weather!



  21. This is stunning, and you just look gorgeous!
    The scarf is amazing, love the colour x

  22. Snoods are so cosy, I got mine from Primark too but I didn't think to look at the guys ones, the purple colour is lovely. My a/w wardrobe mainly consists of multiple layers (I'm talking tights under jeans!) to cope with the change in temperature from my freezing cold flat to the stuffy lecture theatres.


  23. For someone who doesn't think they're great with AW, you look pretty amazing. Loving the colour of that snood and the cardigan is gorgeous also. My saving grace this season has been my leather trousers, they're really warm, and a nice change from jeans and leggings. Awesome with a jumper- chunky or fine knits, and a messy topknot.

  24. you look amazing. love the lip color =)

  25. Can you do an everyday make up post? What products you wear most days? That would be great! =)

    1. I'm thinking of doing a video maybe just because people ask about everyday hair/makeup so keep your eyes peeled! <3 :)

  26. This look is SO effortless. I love the color scheme between it all. The pops of color are so subtle and all of the accessories complement the outfit itself.
    -- Eden http://vantagepointvintage.com/blog

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