Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Look Show S/S 2011 : the 'outtakes'

As you all know I was lucky enough to attend The Look Show last week, and here are the pictures I took whilst in London, sorry I didn't get many and sorry this is a very ME post, my sister was my 'photographer' for the day hahahah.

(thanks to Amnelia for taking this picture by accident haha, I look very out of it but it's a picture of me with the look show banner behind me so I'm keeping it!)

Me and the other amazing finalists!
{Last 2 pictures via look website and facebook page}

I also got a picture with the amazing marina and the diamonds as you can see..

I wisah flash had been on but I'm still happy, I actually LOVE her. And her crazy jumper with mice coming from the shoulders was even stranger in person haha.

Burgundy cardigan, carboot - £1
Polka dot skirt, carboot - 50p
Topshop lace bralet/bustier, ebay - £22
Vintage headscarf, jumble sale - 50p?
Heart ring, primark - sisters
Domino ring - HERE
Wedges, christmas present
Urban outfitters clock necklace, ebay - £7

You can see my wedges quite well here and I'm soooorrrrryy I haven't done a proper post on them yet, they will get their own special bit! And sorry there are just loads of me doing different faces hahaha, I wanted to get more but I was literally so rushed off my feet, I so wanted a picture with all the lovely bloggers I met but I didn't have time!

We then got back to the beautiful hilton hotel. We looked SO out of place there, because it's really posh and whatnot but everyone was so nice and we had a nice time chilling at the bar. Although bar food was so expensive, for a 330ml can of coke it was something like £3.50? I'm not even exaggerating.. I know right.

So I went into my hotel and had a nice feel of the bed. SO COMFY.

And got changed into my pjs..

And then this was just casually waiting for us..

It was such a lovely end to an evening. I'm just an 18 year old girl from South Yorkshire who goes to sixth form, and staying in such a nice hotel and getting this in my room was such a luxury and I am SO grateful, you wouldn't believe. The cupcakes were so nice! It was so nice to share this with my sister too, shes like my best friend and we had a girly chat and relax after the night, despite lots of other bloggers going to other shows - I couldn't, I was wayyyyyy too tired! I had a nice bath and we chatted for ages and got a feast from a nearby tesco.

I also nipped into this really nice pizzaria and got some pizza, I've never been to a proper good pizzaria, it was so nice and so cheap at like, £1.50 a slice!

The next day we checked out and I was off on my way to meet the gorgeous Hannah from London-Rose, we are literally like the best of friends and I wish I lived in London and could see her all the time, but it was nice to see her, if only for a little bit.

What I wore during the day -

Topshop playsuit, ebay - £22
Suspender tights - In the look goodybag!

I did get so many strange looks as I was walking around in my crazy wedges but I just thought hey fuck it, I'm hardly ever in London, and they are piss easy to walk in. On the tube I got told twice by two randomers how nice my outfit was haha, which was nice! I love the tights, so happy they were in the goodybag as I've wanted some for ages! Oh and the bag in this picture with cupcakes on was my gift to hannah for christmas/birthday haha.

Wowee thats it! All over with my look show posts. I had such a wonderful time, again thanks to Lara and all the look people for arranging such a fantastic day for me and my sister, and to all the other incredible finalists who were there, you're all amazing! I'm so grateful to have gotten the chance to go and enjoyed every minute of it, and I hope you enjoyed me going on about it for the past 4 days haha (sorry!)

I've got my first day back at work on saturday (eeeeeeeeeeeee!) and school on monday (ughhhhhhhhhhhh!) so lots of stuffs going on, but I'll try and fit in an OOTD before february is over (where the hell has it gone?!)


  1. This was such a sweet a post! You are so sweet and lovely!! It just proves Good things happen to good poeple =] xx

  2. Nice backstage pictures and my God
    what a party ^^ you look so stunning girl!
    The jumpersuit with the mice of your friend is cute *o*
    Glad you had a blast xx

  3. You are so beautiful, and both of your outfits are perfect. It looks like you had an amazing time, so jealous!
    Good luck back at work lovey xx

  4. Been loving your posts on the Look Show :) Your outfits looked lovely :) x

  5. ill never be able to put an outfit together as good as you !glad you enjoyed it,well deserved :}

  6. Looks like you had an amazing time!

    Love the outfits :)

    Pippa x

  7. What make are the tights and where are the wedges from?

  8. @sarah
    They are by pamela mann I think? And the wedges were a christmas present from japan, thats literally all I know about them xx

  9. I love outtakes posts aha, you are too adorable. My outtakes were random shots of walls, celebs and people's shoes! Your wedges are absolutely gorgeous, and both your outfits are so well put-together (:

  10. so jealous! looks like you had an amazing time and can't believe you got those tights in the goodie bag, so lucky! xx

  11. ooh the goody bag looked ace! And the hotel, how amazing! It was all deserved :D

    You look gorgeous in these photos! x

  12. I am ridiculously jealous of your trip to London for the Look show!!
    And I love the playsuit from Topshop...I might have to get scouting around ebay :)

    Little Humble Fashion Abode

  13. I've loved all your look posts!
    great outfits...I love the tights!
    Immie x

  14. This looks so fun!
    Good luck on Saturday!

  15. I loved reading this post and looking at all the photos, gorgeous outfits! The prize definitley couldn't have gone to a more worthy blogger. xx

  16. Don't worry - you look amazing in them all!

  17. Both outfits are absolutely gorgeous! You stunner! x

  18. it looks like you had such a lovely time; you look fab and you got to meet marina! vv jealous x

  19. I actually love you, Like I feel all your outfits are kinda just put together, yet they always looks frickin amazing :)
    Loving that cardie, what a total find!!!
    Loving the photos, you look gorgeous both night & day

  20. Your Look posts have been brill and I love your outfits! You definitely deserved the treats! :) xx

  21. sounded like you had a superb time!
    you always look beautiful, jealous! ahaha!
    love all the outfits you put together!
    Krissy xoxo

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  23. Ah sounds like you had a lovely time and by the looks of it too. I love that cardi you wear and the playsuit i really want them lol!

  24. I enjoyed reading your post! and ADORE those tights... i want a pair toooo... xoxo

  25. I have been loving your Look show posts as well, and you looked so great, your outfits are fab :) xx

  26. it looks like you had so much fun! such a nice post to read :) good luck with work and things! xoxo

  27. i lovelovelove your headscarf!

  28. I LOVE YOU KAVITAAAAA. I wish you lived in London so you could come and see me ALL the time. you better move here some day soon missy!
    PLUS, you are literally too gorgeous... you make me feel sad, frumpy and ugly!
    MISS YOU ALREADY & love you to bits!
    xxxx Hannah

  29. I can see why those strangers commented- it's such a beautiful outfit! And yay for those wedges, i'm so jealous - they'd make me well over six foot so they're a bit of a no no for me, but you definitely rock them :)

  30. You look faaaab!! Both your outfits are adorable. I especially like the playsuit! All that gorgeous food too! Yum! looks like you'd an amazing time!
    great post!!x

  31. You are such a gorgeous girl! I love your style and I love your blog!


  32. aww this was a lovely insight! love how your sis was your personal photographer! that made me lol.
    you look UHHHMAZING! glad you enjoyed yourself! :)

  33. Those backstage pictures show you've had al lot of fun! Amazing style you have.

  34. looks like so much fun,and that hotel room looks amazing! You put your oufits together so well :) xx

  35. It looks like you had such an amazing time! Your outfits are lovely, especially the wedges :-) xxx

  36. I only just discovered your blog and I love it! Sat here reading through it with a cup of tea :) You are gawj x

  37. These are both such lovely outfits, glad you enjoyed the LOOK show it looked amazing! enjoy your first day back at work :) xx

  38. your outfits are both gorgeous, you have such a fab style. those wedges are to die for!!x

  39. Pretty outfits (: Look like you had fun at the show!

  40. are those wedges genuine finsk? jealous!!!!!!
    you're so pretty and have an amazing blog, when i look through the archives you've always been professional and interesting, you deserve all the great oppurtunities coming your way. i really hope you get some kind of future in fashion as you're so inspirational!

  41. I love how you dress so much! The whole floral playsuit outfit is lovely!! Looks like you got properly spoilt in London, I'm glad cos you seem like a really nice person :)

    K x x

  42. One of my fave posts for sure!

  43. You look gorgeous! Absolutely love your silk headband - I'm a big headscarf fan. And aw glad you had such a nice day, I'm super jealous. Especially as you met Marina, who I'm a little bit in love with! Wow! Also I'm sure everyone looking at your wedges was looking at them thinking 'I want those', cause I know I deffo do - they're fab :) x

  44. Wow you looked gorgeous! Those wedges are insanly pretty :D

    Hope you're having fun tomorrow (first day of school!)


  45. Love love love your blog!
    You find so many gorgeous stuff in carboot sales, maybe I need to pop down to your area one time for one xD

    The wedges are gorgeous <3


  46. I must admit I'm kinda skip reading a lot of these posts in my reader lately but I read this from start to finish and loved your pictures, glad you had a great time! xxx

  47. Lovely post, fab pics! It was great to meet you at the Show and thanks for the link back to my blog xx

  48. MEGA JEALOUS!! Looks like you had an absolutely lovely time though :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.. and I love what you wore! You're style is lovely x

  49. WOW!! You look incredible!
    We adore the white bodice and the way you have styled it. You look absolutely perfect from head to toe :) especially liking the nail and lip colour.
    This is our first time on your blog and we are absolutely loving it!


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