Saturday, 15 January 2011

Style Crush: Diana Vickers

I've never really been too fond of her, I sometimes love her and sometimes hate her. But her style has always been one of my favourites, shes got a very casual vintage look about her, and have I mentioned how much I wish I had her hair in her 'the boy who murdered love' video? Well I do. Alot.
She mixes modern with vintage really well, and it's lovely to see how she throws it together (or her stylist, never know with these celebrity folk eyy) especially as I sortof see my style in a similar category!

(pictures from various sources on the internet, if you want me to link you please feel free to contact me!)

How to achieve her look:

American Apparel Jersey Pocket Skirt - £25 / Topshop denim playsuit - £20 / New look stripe top - £11.99 / Urban outfitters tan boots - £38 / New look cable knit bobble hat - £6
(pictures from Urban Outfitters, New Look, Topshop & American Apparel)

Her other key items:
- Skinny jeans
- Granny boots
- Crop tops
- Nautical tees
- Paperbag shorts
- High waist skirts
- Vintage-esque playsuits
- Faux fur coats
- Raybans
- Denim jackets
- Vintage oversized sunnies

Looking through her various outfits has made me miss summer so much, winter does not bring out the fashionista in me!
I've been ill all week which is why there have been no OOTD since 2010 haha! I'm planning on one tomorrow or monday, but I'm sorry guys, I'm trying to fill the blog with lots of content though, so with my style crush, how to wear, share sunday and new wednesday wishes posts, there should be stuff to keep you going when I'm too ill and uninspired for a picture of myself!

Do you like Dianas look?


  1. I hate her so much, but i love her style haha! and all of those outfits she is wearing i want! I miss summer too :( xx

  2. i love diannas look! It amazingly effortless, oh no hope you feel better soon =) x

  3. Love her style :)

    Love, Vanilla

  4. she's an odd one but her style is gorgeous,no doubt ^^
    you've nailed my taste so far in this feature,do keep them comming!

  5. i really love diana vickers! and her style is one of my favourites! it just looks effortlessly cool. i absolutely adore your style crushes, it's really inspiring me to maybe do a post like this! hope you've had a swell week xxx

  6. I do like some of these pieces, but to be honest I don't think it's anything different or original.

  7. I did think when reading, that her style reminded me of yours, really well put together, with a vintage twist! Lovely post! x

  8. I like her style, I'd never heard of her until I watched Nevermind the Buzzcocks on Youtube. While hoping to god i don't sound as northern as she does, I was thinking what shes wearing is so cute!I think you've hit the nail on the head with the key items.

  9. I looove Diana, I didn't used to when she was on the X Factor but she's a babe!<3

  10. I loved reading this post, I have to say I do love diana vickers, both her style and her music! The skirt she's wearing in the second picture is especially nice and I love your styleguide to getting her look! xx

  11. Aw I love her! Wasn't so huge on her in xfactor though, her hair was a bit TOO much back then...the outfit you put together is so you! :D It's kind of scary I know what you'd like :S

  12. i really dislike diana vickers and so my stubborn self wont acknowledge the fact that you are right and she's actually quite well dressed, haha. you pull off this style better in my opinion! still a great post :) xx

  13. I love her, she always looks so amazing in what she wears, I'm very jealous! Ha xo

  14. I love the jumper hat and boots
    I've never really paid attention to her.

    Check out my blog and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  15. I love her style! Casual chic, with a hint of vintage :) Love these kinds of posts. xxxx

  16. I am in love with her, she is a fresh and younger Brigitte Bardot. I have a fascination with her hair...

  17. love her and her musics good too - i love her hair the most xxx

  18. I didn't know anything about her before so I'm pleased you made this post. Her style is great my favourite is her picture on the bottom row second from the right. I love the items you posted about how to create her look. I adore the AA skirt and the stripe top that goes with it.

  19. I love diana vickers so so much! and her style is just wonderful, like shes just thrown something on. My favourite outfit she's ever worn is when she was on the xfactor she was wearing a gorgeous dusy pink dress wen she sang 'yellow'.

    Lizzi xxxx

  20. i love her style so much, not sure about the denim playsuit though. the beanies look so cute on her!

    thanks for following my blog, i couldnt believe it just because I love your blog so much!


  21. I love her style too. She puts together things that i would never have thought about putting together.

  22. When she was on the x factor I had loads of people approach me and say I looked like Diana Vickers which I thought was really wierd! I found it hard to see myself though. Haha

    This is a really good post, I do love her style :)


  23. I love her outfit in the first image from the left on the top row.
    I really liked her when she was on the X factor but now... Not so much haha. I love her style though!

  24. i've always loved diana vickers ... for her style, her music, her personality. she's quirky and doesn't change who she is to suit anybody else.
    i've met her a couple of times and she's so down-to-earth and friendly.

  25. I absolutely love her and her style :) x

  26. i never really liked her on the x factor but am pretty obsessed by her music AND her style/makeup <3 so cute

  27. Not really a fan of hers but after these pics, not so sure...i love the stripe and tan shorts ensemble and the pastel blue with white floral skirt look too :)


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