Sunday, 23 January 2011

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1. Today theres no red lippie and I'm donning a nice little smokey eye. I also have a floral headband on that was £1 from topshop reduced from £8. I remember when these came into fashion and everyone was wearing them and I hated them but now they aren't so popular I quite like them. No one likes things that EVERYONE is wearing, it's just irritating.

2. You may have seen me talking about it on twitter but I'm struggling with the decision of uni or not. My situation is this - I'm gap yearing it next year to go travelling and I'm not sure whether uni is for me or not afterwards? I know that after my travelling I will probably have an idea but I'm still stuck so please give me your stories and opinions in this post. I figure theres no better perspective than you guys, and my sixth form is crap, it doesn't give people who don't really know if they want to go to uni an idea of what else there is, they just EXPECT everyone to go. It's not because I'm not capable, I'm just fed up with education. Anyway please please let me know, did you go/are you going to uni or not? Do you have any advice for me? :) I'm also not even sure what I want to study, MAYBE something fashion related but yeah, I'm stuck. HELP.

3. Wowee, thankyou so much for the sweet comments on my last post, I'm glad you liked my outfit and I'm hoping I'll have loads more OOTD's coming up! :)

4. I spent most of today having a declutter and I cleaned most of my house. I've become a little OCD recently, I think it's all this spare time with no job!

5. Thankyou to all these people - Alice, May, Rebecca & Hen.
For mentioning me in blog posts or giving me awards. Thankyou so much :) (and if I forgot to mention you I'm sorry, let me know!!)


  1. I'm currently on a 'gap year' and I have to say I massively regret it now. I wasn't sure whether uni was for me and that thought combined with health problems meant that I had to take a gap year. This break has made me realise just how much I miss studying and want to work towards my chosen career of Journalism. I just can't wait to go now. You're gunna have a clearer idea after you've been travelling. It's definitely not for everyone but at the end of the day you have to make the decision based on what you want from life. Hope this helps! P.S You're looking beautiful as usual.

  2. Cute hairband :) I didn't go to uni and don't regret it. I think if you are really passionate about a subject then go for it but choosing the wrong one can be costly (literally). Hope this has helped.

    Love, vanilla

  3. It looks lovely! I stayed at my college to do a degree instead of going to uni and I'm currently in my second year. Sometimes I wish I'd gone really far away to get another 'life' as such but I'm 99% happy I stayed at home! I plan to go travelling for a year or so after I finish, not ready for the real world just yet! x

  4. You look stunning!
    Immie x

  5. I would say apply for Uni and if you get the place you want (you will) then you can defer for a year, and take your place when you done travelling. Or just apply in your gap year.

    I took a gap year as I too was mentally and physically drained from my time at school then college. My first year at Uni was still very rocky and I've only gotten into my stride in the last 9months or so.

    Don't feel you have to go if you don't want too, but be warned Fashion is very competitive and you have to really want it to make it. Just take you time to figure out whats you and then go for it :)

    R x

  6. Uni is a toughie like.

    If you want to go travelling, then definitely do that first. You will get to experience new cultures, new sites, new foods and really a new you. You will have an idea of what is right for you during your travelling.

    As of whether to go to Uni or not... My only advice is if you don't know what you want to do, then don't rush in and pick anything and go. Uni is only really good, if you really really want to do something particular. I went to Uni a year ago and it really is the best thing I have done, but it isn't right for everyone.

    Maybe whilst your travelling you will come across something you want a degree in to help you get the career you want. I would totally recommend going, but only on the condition that you do want to be there, because otherwise it is soooo hard and rubbish if you don't enjoy it :(

  7. Wow you look so lovely! What lipstick are u wearing? I love the colour xo

  8. I took a gap year and although worked and gained money I regretted it. Then going to Uni not knowing what I wanted to, and wish I did a different course. Either do a very wide degree where you can easily change career after or be sure on the course you want to do. Plus i think the cost it will be, you should know whether your in it or not. Also make the most of your gap year x

    I hope that helps but people will have so many different opinions.

  9. Beautiful!

    As a University drop out x2 I would say that if you know what you want to do then it can be fabulous. And if by going to University and investing so much money into it will allow you to go further within your chosen career then that's absolutely brilliant. Just ensure that you also gain relevant work experience in that chosen field. On the other hand, if you don't know what you want to do, like me, based upon my experiences, University isn't the right option at that point.


  10. You got a blog award from me a couple of posts back =) -

    I'm half and half about university. I feel like Uni has been a waste of time for me and I'm fed up of education too but I think that's a mixture of the course and university I chose. If I had gone to a bigger one and moved out I guess it would have been more fun and I would have met tons of people which adds to making it a great experience.
    Sometimes I think for what I'm paying and the amount of time some of my lectures last it's a waste of money, my friend got a job straight after college and has worked herself up.

    But of course it's always good to say you have a degree on your CV. Employers will know you have knowledge on the subject and that you are dedicated to it. If you know what you want to do and it's something you love I'd definitely go for it. You will grow so much as a person and learn a lot.

  11. Im at uni now in my home town and its absolutely rubbish. When you apply make sure you definitely check out the guardians university guide 'cause it also has the guide of top uni's for each type of area. Im doing media atm and my uni is 61st in the country so after this year im dropping out and going to Nottingham which is 16th. Also make sure you have a look around uni's to get a feel of what they're like, they can be really deceiving on the websites (obvz cus they wanna make it look reallllly good), but you need to make sure wherever you go you'll be happy! plus open days mean you can speak to current students as well which is always a plus! jeez i sound like i work for connexxions or something haha, but yeah, thats just my opinion on things!

  12. I'm still at the stage of deciding my a levels at the moment but I'm going through a similar phase. What I want to do doesn't necessarily need me to go to uni but I feel like because of society, parents and the secondary school I went to, I have to go uni which isn't really what I want to do. I'm definately thinking that a gap year is for me if I was to go to uni. Or I could just dive head first into the real world. I mean if all else fails, I can always go back into education xx

  13. can't help as am not even at sixth from yet!
    but in my (limited) opinion, i think you need to look at jobs you would consider doing and seeing wether you need a degree to get that job- for example if you were to go into fashion journalism I'm sure you'd need some kind of degree. So if you don't go to uni, you could be shutting a lot of doors for yourself in the future. However of course if you choose the wrong course you're also shutting a lot of doors:/ are you going travelling on your own? i'm so jealous! Hopefully it will help you reach a descision on what to do! :)

  14. I think it's a good idea to go on a gap year, get lots of experiences out of it! I'd say apply to uni anyway just in case. I was fed up of education too so completely understand. I only went to uni because it was expected of me and I didn't know what I'd do if I didn't go. I probably shouldn't have gone to be honest, I hated the workload and ended up resenting Uni. Having a year out will give you time to decide and plan. It's good having something to work towards.
    The state the country's in I think experience is more important than a degree.
    Re: the subject, I'd say you need to be really interested in your subject and have a big passion for it as well as being good at it.
    Hope that helps a bit :) xxx

  15. Uni is definitely different from sixth form. I had been at my school from year 7 to year 13 and I was so sick of studying, exams and the whole lot. At uni its a new environment, everything runs completely differently and isn't as annoying and stringent as sixth form can be. As long as you find a degree to suit you and one that you have an interest in, you'll be fine.

    With taking a gap year.. it'll be a lot harder to go back to education after spending a whole year out. I would suggest going away for a month or two during the long summer you'll have after your A Levels. I know someone who is on a gap year after his degree and is having his adventures now that hes secure with his degree on his back alongside his rucksack lol.

    Good Luck xx

  16. I didn't read your post properly.. and you said you've already planned to gap year next year.

    In that case you should just enjoy your year off from exam stress. Its a good idea really because you don't have the combined stress of exams and ucas at the same time.

    One thing I definitely noticed was that uni really is different from school You're meeting new people, exploring new places, no more nagging teachers and its just so independent. You do everything to suit you.. which is normally at the last minute lol. xx

  17. Hi! I'm 22 and went to college for three years studying art & design up to foundation level. At the time of finishing I wasn't sure what I wanted to do exactly, as I wanted to have a career goal in mind and not just wade into uni studying something as vague as "art". Like you said, my college were the same and made it so university was the only real option, so I got little help with my future from them!

    So I decided to take a year off to work full time, save up, pass my driving test and buy a car. And after that, to see how I felt, as I had the UCAS points to decide to go to uni after if I wanted.

    I dunno about any of you guys, but at 19 I didn't feel "mature" or grown up enough for uni... I mean when you think about it, it's a MASSIVE debt and lifestyle change to take on!

    So I got myself a nice car, had nice holidays with the boyfriend, currently have no debts, have savings and have now decided last year that I want to be a web designer. So I'm training for that in my own time as well as working full time and all is working out nicely :)

    Looking back this has worked for me, but I urge students to take their time with these things. If you take a year out, so what? You're only one year older, and you won't have missed anything!

    University is a wonderful thing for people that are focused on educating themselves into a chosen career where a degree is necessary. If you're not doing that and going just as it's naturally "the next step" in your college's eyes and for the experience, then fair enough... but it's one VERY expensive and important decision, so think carefully and don't be pressured to rush in.

    Hope I haven't babbled :)

    Mozzypop x

  18. My sisters done really well in the fashion industry and her degree's nothing to do with fashion she just started as a sales assistant and worked her way up and now gets to go to all the fashion weeks and exciting things like that, so uni's not the only way, especially if you're done with education!
    I didn't take a gap year, started on a very profession specific course (dietetics), went on placement and realised I wanted to experience the world and not do that for the rest of my life! had some time out and got myself an admin job and now I'm back doing my final year at uni in something not so specific (nutrition studies. xx

  19. Thank you so much for meantioning my blog Kavita!! You desearve all the shout outs you have an amazing blog :)

    I took a year out and went travelling after school and it was the best thing I could have ever done. I think going to Uni shouldn't be done lightly. I know too many people who regret uni /wish they had chosen something different to study as they felt Uni was the next step but weren't 100% sure.

    Maybe its worth applying for Uni with defered entry (thats what I did) then I had a whole year to make sure it was what I wanted to do. If you decide differently you can cancel your application or apply for a different course.

    Gap year all the way. And apply to Uni for a solid back up. Then you have two chances at applying for Uni if its really what you want to do. You never know you might find the job of your dreams in your year out

    All my love, May x

  20. gorg photo!

  21. You look cute today :-)
    Uni isn't for everyone, as I'm sure lots of people will tell you, but speaking from my own experience and that of friends I'd say you might regret it if you don't give it a go! But definatly take ur gap year and travel, as you only live once, and once you've finished 3 or so years at uni you'll be stone broke, and be so focused on getting work etc that you'll put it off and before you know it you're 30 and never saw the world!
    Im in my final year studying fashion buying at man met uni, and its such an awsome course, the campus im at is world re-nowed in the fashion industry for churning out brilliant fashion grads, and im surrounded by amazing design students etc, its pretty inspirational. Theres also an optional year in industry, which i didnt do, but is a great opportunity to work in fashion for a year and see if its really for you. Once i graduate i don't know if i'll get a job as a buyer, or even in fashion, but i'll have a good solid BSc hons, which is nothing to sneer at, and the experience of a lifetime.
    At 18 i wasn't ready to start the real world of full-time work etc, but coming to uni and being so far from home I've learnt to be more independant, and couldn't imagine living with my parents again etc. I've grown up sooo much, and in a way i think i only would have got from living at uni. I see my friends that havn't gone, and although they like to think they're really getting it together with their full-time jobs, and cars and savings, when it comes down to it, their mum still cooks them dinner every night, they work in some crappy office, and havn't got a clue where they're life is headed. They don't have to juggle the bills every month, figure out how you can afford rent and food and going out clubbing and books for uni or any of the things that uni gives you the chance to - and in such a happy medium, with that brilliant label 'student'. I'm dreading the summer when i'm 21 and graduated and just a plain old adult, no longer the student label to lean on, but i know im pretty well equiped for the big bad world!!


  22. I am in near enough the same situation as you, I havn't applied to uni this year and am instead taking a 'gap year' because I have no idea what I want to do.

    -I really want to go travelling but havnt really got anyone to go with and have no idea how to go about it, exploring the world is like my only 'dream' or whatever, I have no ambitions about jobs or careers at the moment which sounds so lazy but I just have no idea what I want to do.

    -My college is the same and is expecting everybody to go to uni + not really exploring any other options.

    -I don't even know if I want to go to uni, but I have no idea what job I want to do either. I think it's so bad how everyone expects you to know what you want to do with the rest of your life at 17/18.

    -I havn't really got any advice because I am in the same situation, but I just think we only have one life, do what you want to do because you love it. Don't go to uni just because its expected (which a lot of my friends are doing).

    Hope you have an amazing time travelling + sorry this is a bit long, I had a lot to get off my chest haha.

    Nic xx

  23. I had to take a gap year due to health problems, but i didnt mind anyway as i spent alot of it in Australia. Was the best decision i ever made. You learn so much going travelling on your own and met some new best friends. Saying this, i did have to work alot to get the money together.

    I'm at uni now and honestly would say- go for it. I had no idea what subject to do after sixth form and all the teachers expect you to have a subject and career in mind. I just went for something i thought i would enjoy- and yes its difficult sometimes, i don't have a career drive like many people do at uni (medics are there to become doctors etc) and they can focus on where their education is taking them, so there are difficult days when my motivation is at an all time low, but moving away and studying is such a great experience and i cant help but feel i'd be missing out if i didnt go. After working in a shop during my gap year to earn money i would choose uni ANYDAY over going back there. It was so unstimulating. And although people say their degree got them nowhere in terms of jobs- i think in the long run it will. There's my 2 cents anyway! xxx

  24. I agree with the varied comments here! This time last year I was at the same stage as you, but by a stroke of luck(?!) I epically failed my AS Art, turned out to be the best thing ever, as I now am studying at a extremely varied foundation course in art and design. It may not apply to your area but it really opened up my eyes to what courses are out there. I say screw the whole fee thing, you'll know exactly what course is right for you in your own time, if a year out is what you need to find that out then don't rush! Whats the point?! The fee system doen't change anyway, you still dont have to pay the money back til your earning a certain amount and its something for way off in the future! You are clearly creatively talented, and it really is up to you now to look at your strengths and interests and work out what is best. My latest brainwave was noticing just how much more I want to work on my projects now they're of interest to me! (I still procrastinate as much as the next person though...) So yeah, take your time, go travelling, blog for the rest of your life if thats what makes you happy, but that is the critical thing, being happy is key to a successful life!

    Steph xxx

    P.S I'm applying for Jewellery Design and Fashion Accessories Courses.

    P.P.S I love your blog :) check out my humble beginnings -

  25. When I finished my Leaving Cert in Ireland, I knew I just wasn't in the right head space to go straight into uni and I was a bit unsure what course I wanted to do.

    It was only during the summer after the Leaving when I was with friends in Barcelona, I realised that I really wanted to do architecture. I hadn't applied for any courses through the CAO (irish UCAS) though, so I had to wait another year. I decided to do a foundation/portfolio art course for my year off (I love learning and couldn't bare to be without a purpose). For me it was the best decision because it showed me that I wasn't suited to art, it gave my head a break and I just had soooo much fun and met some great people.

    In ireland the norm is to take a gap year AFTER uni. Most people, once they have their degree, head off around the world and then come back to take life seriously :)

    No one can really tell you what to do. You just have to go with your gut and have no regrets, because even if it turns out to be the wrong decision, it's not the end of the world :) Don't force yourself to go to uni if you really don't want to, it can wait a year!

    Good luck with your decision making


  26. Oh gosh, I remember the uni decision dramas. I had a place at Plymouth and was all set to go, until the very last minute. Do I regret it? Not at all, but then I was going because I thought I wanted to, not because I needed to.

  27. Thought I'd add my uni opinion though you've been given some great advice already!

    I DID go to university, but when I chose my subjects (English & Media), I chose them because I was passionate about them and wanted to study them more... not because I had a clear vision of what I would do post-uni job wise. Especially since those subjects don't exactly carve a clear-cut career path, e.g. study medicine to be a doctor etc.

    So I would say if you feel strongly enough about a particular subject then why not go for it? The whole experience is amazing; everyone knows it's not all about the academia - it's gaining independence, important life skills (sounds snoreworthy, I know) and the cliche is generally true that you make friends for life because you make them when you're all the person you're likely to be the foreseeable future.

    Hope that helped a little!



  28. im exactly the same, hatehatehate wearing things everyone else is..but if its something i do love, i buy it and then whip it out a few months/years later, like ta-dahhh hah.
    UNI. My personal exp. was that school was crap, 6th form was even worse, and no one really told you what do to/helped/whatever. And I was lost on what course to pick so I whittled it down to 3 (english, sociology & journalism) and applied .. i got into 4 I think, and then picked out that. Erm, I'd recommend applying a bit more thought though haha and not play the uni course decider lottery like me :(
    I think it's just a great life experience to go through.. you go through so much stuff, meet amazing people, and learn a bit along the way to ;)
    But I'm sure once your gap year is over you'll have a better idea of what you want to do. but remember.. nothing is completely binding, if you decide you want to change your mind ou can always opt out, thats the beauty of life :)

  29. I bet taking a gap year will help you decide, uni for me has been great through! I'm an Apparel Design major, lots of work, but really exciting. If you're considering going to uni for fashion I highly suggest taking classes, you'll learn some incredible things. And even though you said you're tired of learning, fashion is definitely the most interesting topic to learn about and talk about.

    I haven't read the other comments, but hopefully this helps! Have an amazing gap year!

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  31. To avoid debt and because i wasnt too sure what i wanted to do ive decided to start an open university degree from home in october. Im still not entirely sure if im going to enjoy living at home, but the thought of 3 more years of solid education is so daunting i wanted to do something a bit flexible. It depends what you want to do though but definately check them out :) ps love the blog :) xo

  32. I'm in the same situation as you about going university. I’m currently in my last year at college doing a vocational course and doing and this course it allows me to go into my career straight away, as a teaching assistant. I’m confused as well whether to go or not, and do a course in primary teaching.
    I’m going to take my exams and go to uni interviews and then see how I feel towards the time, but I’m still confused which career sector as I want to go into, as I enjoy working with children.
    Taking a gap year might be a good idea for you, as you might change your mind and realise that you may want to go and do something else. But I’m sure with all the usefully and lovely comments from your followers will help as it has helped me a little bit.
    Good luck and love the headband.

  33. You look lovely!
    But with the whole uni thing it's a hard decision, i've just applied and will hopefully be doing Fashion Journalism or Fashion Promotion.
    Claudia xxx

  34. Well, I honestly think you'll only know if university is for you once you've tried it out. I went to uni and chose a direction that turned out to be completely wrong for me and I thought I fail at life and that there's nothing in the world (even outside uni) I'd like to do. But I'm studying German and History now and I finally feel like I'm doing what I'm a) capable of and b) what I enjoy. :)

  35. I think that if you're not sure uni is for you and/or you're not sure you want to study, taking a gap year is the best thing to do, so I think in that sense you're completely making the right decision. You will have more time to make up your mind, research unis/courses and go to open days than if you didn't take that year out.

    (Finance may not be an issue to you- you never want to ask what finances people have!- so I'll put this in brackets, but if it worries you, use that gap year to earn as much as you can, because it is insanely hard to get a job, nevermind a graduate job, at the moment, and what will you do if you can't meet rent when you graduate? Jobseeker's doesn't cover you're going to need your savings from your gap year to help you meet rent the 6 months after you graduate and are looking for a graduate job.)

    My experience is...I went because I loved my subject. I knew I wanted to learn it for the rest of my life. Now I don't know where it will take me- at the moment my priority is earning money doing something remotely enjoyable, to enable me to pursue projects like freelance writing, blogging, and applying for teacher training and PhD.

    I want to do a PhD eventually but I don't feel mentally ready or feel like I have the time to do a good application yet. I went straight from school to uni to my master's degree and I feel like I need a 'gap year' from intense brain study as it were!

    Hope that helps a bit :)


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