Sunday, 22 August 2010

"My only fault is that I have no faults."


H&M stripe top, ebay - £3.50 / Skinny jeggings, primark - £8 / Primark pumps, carboot - £1 / Owl necklace, ebay - £1.50

These pictures were taken saturday, I was dressed casual and just dragged my sister onto the street to take some pictures for me. The necklace is my new favourite thing ever.
And do you like the effects on the photos? I'm still playing around with it all but I like it, it's quite daydreamy.
I've been really slow with things recently, I'm sorry. Things have just been a little difficult, it will all blow over eventually and I'll be posting more regularly, promise! :)

Oh and I got my a level results back. I'm abit mixed with them, I was happy and annoyed at some, so I will be retaking a few and whatnot. But the one I was very happy with was my History results.. I was predicted an E and came out with a B. I guess hard work really does pay off! :)

I've got a few carboot stuff to show you soon and got to sort out the links for the blog among various other things. Like I said, sorry for being abit slow, I'll catch up with myself eventually!


  1. You're so ridiculously pretty.

    The second photo is my favourite, you just look utterly gorgeous :)

    Sorry to hear things have been difficult, I hope it all sorts itself out for you soon..

    Congratulations on your results - your B for History is v.impressive! Should definitely be proud :)

    Take care,

  2. You look so cute!
    I am so jealous of your smile!!
    You are stunning :)
    Even in the simple clothes!!!
    Out of interest, do you use hairspray??

  3. @Pippa Yes I do! I use the Aussie volume & gloss hairspray, I can't rave about it ENOUGH. It's my favourite hair item ever! :) Makes my hair more volumized and keeps it in place for ageees xxxx

  4. just came across your blog and its easily one of favs already!!
    your style is so similar to mine and you love carbootys!
    this outfit is gorgeous
    well done on your B grade missus
    im doing a little vintage giveaway too if you're interested
    belle xxx xxxx

  5. I love your hair! & I've just done a post on the necklace haha

  6. I love your owl necklace and by the way you are so tan. I don't know if your naturally like that or if you tan or what but I love it you look great :)

  7. great simple outfit with the striped shirt !
    very modern :)

    take care and have a good weekend !

  8. I love the owl necklaces.I don't knoe why but owls are pretty in right now :)

    PS: I've changed my blog link into this one and please,follow me if you are still interested !

  9. I love this outfit its so stylish and everything goes very well together. I adore your top and shoes. I also have a necklace like that.

  10. These pictures are so beautiful! Well done on your B grade for your history exam :) xx

  11. You look so georgeous. The outfit is simply and beautiful. I like very much the skinny jeggins from Primark. And the Owl's necklace... WOW!! :)


  12. Great casual outfit, that owl necklace is so cute! Well done with your results!

  13. KAAAAVIIIIITAAAA! I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch in ages, but moving into a new house is a TOTAL NIGHTMARE. Much more stressful and complicated than I thought it'd be! But I'm almost done now, just need to decorate my room (which is hopefully going to turn out amazing!) and find room for all my clothes, and you can come and stay ANY TIME. Deffo sometime around your birthday too so we can celebrate! And maybe for my birthday too in October, haha :)
    How are you? Hows everything? & tell Josh I say hiii!
    Love you lots & lots xxxx
    PS: guess where I just got a job? Ann Summers on Oxford Street! Haha! So funny, I have to recommened sex toys to people lol! I'm going to die laughing! But it'll be fun :)

  14. Love your outfit - I have a necklace almost identical to yours! Congrats on your results!

  15. I have a necklace just like that that I got on ebay too! Love the editing <3<3

  16. you're gorgeous honey ! new hair color ?

  17. Hi Kavita thought I'd drop you a line it's Rosie, Komal's friend, I haven't seen you for years (since you were a tiny little Bibi!) and then I came across this. You look amazing and I'm really enjoying your blog! I read a few fashion blogs (one of my friends did the same Aussie thing as you I think: and it's really REALLY refreshing to see someone who isn't afraid to say they shop at charity shops and car boots. I hate so much seeing a ton of teenage fashion blogs by girls who inexplicably have piles of designer stuff! Where do they get the bloody cash?!

    Anyway keep writing, and you've clearly got a talent for modelling too. I have a friend who's a fashion photographer in Paris if you're ever over there(!)

  18. I love your hairstyle! I want to get that kind of cut too!


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