Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Victorias Secret

Recently, Victorias secret challenged me with styling 1 bra in 3 different ways, and so for a while I sat and thought about just how I could show the versatility off the amazing 'incredible' by Victorias Secret bra, without being just.. well.. in a bra.

I decided that the easiest way to show off a bra in a subtle way was ..

Peeking through a zipped up top:
I love love this mint colour and am so happy I have this lacoste zip top that matches with it perfectly!

Underneath a drop arm vest:
I have so many of these tees which are my casual vests to wear with shorts and things on a lazy day. Wearing a brighter colour would also look realy nice to show through, but I foten for black as I thought it went better with the outfit

Underneath a fishnet top:
I really love this top, it is the kind of top to either wear a nude top under or make the most of wearing a really flattering one underneath!

'Incredible' Push Up Bra, c/o Victorias Secret

Massive thank you to Victorias Secret for letting me have this amazing bra in 4 gorgeous colours, it really is the most comfortable bra I own by far so to have 4 of them in varying colours for different occassions has made me a happy lady!

How would you guys style a bra in a subtle but sexy way?

Photos : Abby May
P.S. I did a little video with bassbuds who are also hosting a giveaway HERE!

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Sunday, 10 August 2014


Although the weather outside at the moment here in England isn't particularly sunny, there was a time fairly recently that the sun was indeed shining, so I guess this outfit isn't too bizarre

Brown faux leather lace up shorts, c/o missguided
Tropical maxi kimono c/o missguided
White bralet, c/o missguided
Fedora Hat, £14.99
Brown block heel leather boots, £69.99

Missguided asked me to style one of their tropical pieces and this long sheer kimono instantly stuck out. Although the length is pretty long (especially on me!) it's still such a cool piece to have in my wardrobe, and would look amazinf draped over a bikini on holiday!

Obviously paired it with a bralet (in true shewearsfashion style!) and these brown faux leather shorts which are SO. Cute. They would look so perfect with a cream white crotchet top, very coachella festival style esque - absolutely adore them!

I'm currently collating together lots of questions for a massive Q&A video on my time backpacking in asia, so if you have a question ehad over to either my facebook or instagram (or ask here!) and I'll try and include it! Had so many questions already which is quite overwhelming but so cool to see people really interested in backpacking and travelling! I've also just finished editing together a mini vlog of my time out there which I am quite happy with so keep your eyes peeled for that. Yes guys, I'm returning to youtube (slowly but surely!)

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Friday, 8 August 2014

Rediscovering Denim

Dorothy Perkins hasn't always been a shop I have particularly turned to when I have shopped on the highstreet. When I was asked to take part in their #DPDenim campaign though I was up for the challenge. You're all thinking it and I'll say it.. Kavita rarely wears jeans.

Photos : Abby May

Pink Roll Neck Top, c/o Dorothy Perkins
Mid Wash 'Darcy' Skinny Jeans, c/o Dorothy Perkins
Fedora Hat, £14.99
Long Black Duster Coat, Asos - £60
Lookalike Zara Black Suede Stilletto Sandal Strap Heel, Ebay - £14.99

I'm actually a really big fan of jeans, I've just always being petite on my bottom half meaning that my derriere does not look quite as bootylicious as most girls look in a good pair of skinnies. I really love this pair though. They're slightly high waisted (or at least they are on me - most things come up higher on me due to my height!) and they are SO comfortable. I never like to wear jeans on planes as they are far too tight, but I wore these on the plane and to death last weekend when I visited a friend in Belfast as I hadn't really packed clothes for the cold and these were the only things that were suitable!

I teamed it with a bright turtle neck which I was surprised to find on Dorothy Perkins, and it looks rather 'chic'. Topped it off with a fedora and my long asos coat and it turned out to be a simple outfit to team with my new favourite skinnies!

I know I'm not the only one who isn't always a fan of jeans so let me know if you've tracked down any nice pairs around the high street I should get my hands on.. causeI think I'm a convert!

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Back to black

Sometimes when it comes to choosing an outfit, no matter how sunny the weather is, going back to black is the only option. It suits every skin tone and theres something so chic about an all black ensemble, no matter what the occassion

Black slip dress c/o Fashion Pills
Necklace and rings, c/o Impulse loves
Circle sunnies c/o zero uv
Large red bindi, ebay - £7
Faux Leather Platform Ankle Boots, c/o Choies (similar here)
Chanel perfume bottle bag /co Fashion & tingz
Chanel Perfume bottle phone case, ebay £7

I am in love with this slip style dress from Fashion pills its ridiculously comfy and although I did feel like I was walking around wearing a nightie, I love the lace detail and silk feel of it. I was definitely feeling a Kylie Jenner vibe from this whole outfit, who is the absolute queeeeen of instagram fashion in my eyes. Her transformation has been unreal and I still cannot get over that she is only 16.

I have reignated my love for these leather look boots from Choies which were my first dip into the cleated sole trend, and the fact they have a heel but are still incredibly comfy is great for a little person like myself!

So sorry I've been so scattered with posts over the past few months. I have been travelling so much and I have just welcomed a little baby brother into my life so it's all been a bit mad at my end. I have grown up with two sisters my whole life, so to finally have a little brother made me emotional (I cried when I met him for the first time!)

I'm heading off on a mini europe adventure to Berlin, Amsterdam and Austria with my friend next week, and am looking forward to getting some beautiful photos around these amazing places so keep your eyes peeled for some more travel friendly content - thanks for sticking with me!

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Sombré

When I first decided to get my 'ombré' way back when, it has slowly started to get lighter and lighter. The last time I did a big 'change' was back in january, where I decided to make my ombré higer up and a lot blonder on the ends. I was so happy with the outcome and I feel like the response from everyone was riducliusly positive.

I decided it was time for a re dye, and I teamed up with Live color xxl to use one of their home dyes. They're pretty well known for the crazy colours such as bright pink and neon blue, but I am defnitely not adventurous enough for that, so decided to use one of the blonde colours to give my hair a refresh.

I actually wanted to go for something a little different, I still want an ombré, but not realy an ombre. So thats when I was introduced to the sombre. It sounds like a word people have just made up because they can be bothered to say 'subtle ombre' which technically is correct, but it's incredibly clever I think, and a fitting word to what I currently have!

Live Color XXL HD in Max Blonde

- I didn't use a towel over my shoulders as I find it too restrictive for doing my hair, with me having so mcuh hair. I find using any old t-shirt works fine as long as it's thick or wear two (thanks to my sister for giving em one of her old shirts!)
- Always always read the instructions, as I ended up not mixing it properly the first time and having a bit of a meltdown after my sister told me the reason it hadn't mixed well was I was upposed to mix it in the bottle first.. wooooops

I actually ended up using two boxes of this to getthe desired super blonde that it ended up turning! Boxed dyes are actually super easy to use, so I won't go too into detail explaining, but I found this little comb and pot kit on ebay for £4 and it was a lifesaver! I usually do my ombre very differently to how I did this as this is more subtle, and the comb is great at getting the highlights and to makeit fade with lots of different tones.

I also sectioned my hair in just two sections for this, as my previous ombre and pre lightener meant that I needed a lift and tint of blonde, rather than an all over head treatment!

I am still getting used to it as it is a massive change. It's also quite orangey in this light due to being taken inside without natural light.. it's not this orange in person! Please ignore the dry ends, I need to give it a good few days of hair oil and deep conditioning until it is back to it's normal self but I honestly love it, I feel like it brightens my face and is the perfect hair for summer.. and if you do not like it remember.. it's just hair thats on MY head that will of course evntually fade.

But for now, What do you think of the sombré?!

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