Monday, 1 February 2016

Muay Thai Boxing ft Pink Soda

As part of my ongoing collaboration with Pink Soda and my fitness journey for the new year, I decided that I wanted to really challenge myself by taking up something that wasn't your average sport.

There are so many new 'different' sports that people are taking up these days all in the name of fitness. From pole dancing to aerial silk, there are literally every kind of unique and random things that people can now take up as a hobby all in the name of fitness and keeping fit and Muay Thai boxing is one of them.

To read more about my Muay Thai bootcamp experience, check out the post on their hub here!


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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Kavita Does The Maldives : Kurumba

On the 5th of January, I celebrated my 23rd birthday here in Asia. After a crazy few nights, I headed on over to the Maldives to treat myself to a little bit of luxury.

I first popped over to the first resort, and closest island to the capital Male.. Kurumba.

A manta ray spotting during a dive with Euro Divers on Kurumba

The best way to describe Kurumba is that its one of the more well known and biggest resorts that lies within the Maldives islands. It's the perfect location for everyone.. I was there on my own, and was a little bit worried that it would just be full of couples of their honeymoon and just me sat there on my own.. however I was completely wrong! There were lots of families and people travelling with their friends.. it is an island with so many acitivities such as Maldevian cooking demonstrations and even their own diving school Euro Divers!


I was lucky enough to get to stay for two night in the suite, with my own personal pool and sun lounger right on the beach. Sometimes, its so nice to literally just get away and spend time on your own and enjoy your company in paradise. I definitely felt the luxury and pampering side of life when I was in Kurumba, who have the most wonderful spa facilities (massages are a rarity for me so it was absolute heaven to receive one!) and even just walking around the island on my own with my own thoughts was bliss.

Accommodation in Kurumba starts from , the Presidential suite (featured) starts from £1003 a night.
Flights to the Maldives from Manchester and London return can start from as little as £449 via skyscanner

All flight were paid for by myself, accommodation was provided kindly by Kurumba. As always, opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

MySwear - My own custom brogues

As part of my ongoing collaboration with Farfetch, I teamed up with them to create me very own custom and personalised shoes!

I was struggling a little bit with exactly what I wanted. The process is incredibly easy, however because there are just SO many options I found it difficult to know exactly what kind of shoe I was after.
As I own a lot of sneakers and pumps as it is, I thought that a really good quality pair of brogues would be a good shout, so I set about trying to design myself the 'perfect' brogue.

As I am an absolute white queen, white was definitely my first choice when designing and then came the next big hurdle.. leather or suede? I decided on suede as I felt that leather was not going to complement the awesome silver capped toe, and the touches of black on both the sole and laces meant that they were contrasted and stood out a little bit more than if they were just a standard all over white.

MySwear : Create Your Own Shoe Hub

I'm completely in love with them and love that you can also get your initials added onto them too.. what an awesome little touch to such a personalised process!

Have you guys ever designed your own shoe and what do you think of the MySwear design site?
Let me know what colours and styles you would choose, I would love to know!

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Thursday, 7 January 2016

All about the new year: Fitness ft Pink Soda

I'm currently away travelling at the moment and its been an absolute whirlwind. 7 months has flown by so quickly and its starting to become a lifestyle rather than just an extended holiday.

After a few months I started to notice that all the gym sessions and hard work I had been doing with my personal trainer back home has started to fade away. Instead of being toned and muscly I've become a little bit more 'skinny-fat'.. feeling fairly bloated but still slim isn't really the epitome of fitness, and I have been trying to figure out ways in which whilst I have been travelling I can start a fitness routine that works around my schedule. Bearing in mind that travelling doesn't really involve any sort of real 'schedule'

I've teamed up for the new year, which JD Sports and their new release of 'Pink Soda Sport'
As soon as I learnt about the products and a sneak preview of what the items actually looked like I Was HOOKED. Born from a vision of a clean living and not only a healthy lifestyle, but a healthy attitude, the new brand is hoping that through the clean cut and stylish pieces, being fit and having an interest in fitness can be something to look forward to, rather than to dread.

Over the next few months I will be working really closely with the brand and showing you exactly what my fitness routine will be throughout my travelling. It doesn't mean that you can only relate to this if you are travelling yourself - it's more about picking up new skills and hobbies that will excited and motivate you (hopefully!) to kick your butt into gear this year and get going with fitness! From Yoga courses on the beach, to finding a new and exciting skill to learn such as Muay Thai boxing, hopefully you guys are excited to join me on this journey.. I really just can't wait, its going to be life changing!

For more ways to keep up with me and my journey with pink soda, make sure you check out the hub where you can keep up with myself and the other bloggers involve and see the different ways in which we are all making the change!

This is an outfit that I have basically LIVED in for the past week. I ended up going to Hanoi, Vietnam for Christmas and new years and it was freezing (yes, Asia does get cold!) so this outfit was literally all I wore and MAN, did I get so many compliments!

I'm obssessed with the marl grey on this two piece, and whats perfect is it suits basically every skin and hair tone you could possible imagine! I love that they're perfect together but can be mixed with different items to make it a little more casual yet chic. Whether that be with shorts and the sweater or a nice oversized white tee with the jogging bottoms!

Top top it all off these Nikes have become my life and after having really run down running shoes I just can't wait to whip these bad boys out on my fitness journey!
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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Keeping it cosy ft Farfetch

As I'm currently travelling through Asia at the moment, theres always a battle of wanting to wear and keep up with fashions or trends that I tend to stick with at home, and the comforts of just being cosy and chilled in the heat and tiredness that is backpacking.

As part of my ongoing collaboration with Farfetch, I decided to style up two pieces from the site that I could wear in the business of Bangkok, keeping t stylish and simple, yet cosy.. and I think I did a pretty good job!

Saint Lauren Clutch / Bassike Dress / Birkenstocks

This oversized dress by Bassike is pretty much a godsend on days where I just want to throw something on with minimal effort, but still have a nice minimalist edge. It's easy whilst travelling to get caught up in all the bright patterns that the markets and stalls Thailand has to offer. The standard elephant pants from the gaudy in your face crazy patterned tees.. I am a sucker for this. I will admit.

It's quite nice sometimes just to bring it all back and really go for it in terms of keeping it simple. An oversized long t shirt style dress is perfect for this, and the quality of this Bassike piece is brilliant. ITs soft, its cosy .. and most importantly its easy to pack!


The biggest piece however and one of my favourites has to be this.. the Saint Laurent Clutch.

Mentioned in my previous post, I am now the proud new owner of this little bad boy. IT's the perfect little addition to my travelling wardrobe, perfect for carrying all the essentials for every day and the special events and it makes me feel a little more dolled up on those 'casual days'

Are you a sucker for keeping it cosy whilst travelling, and if so, whats your staple piece?

This post is in collaboration with Farfetch, all views are my own!

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