Thursday, 18 December 2014

Twelve Days Of Christmas - #10 Daniel Wellington

Welcome back to my 12 days of christmas, I have a sneaky giveaway for you guys over on my instagram and I have to say - it's probably my favourite one to be giving away!

I own a fair few Daniel Wellington watches, and the guys over at DW were nice enough to let me giveaway this lovely watch from their collection and all you have to do is head over to my instagram now!

I'm giving away this Daniel Wellington 'Classy Sheffield' watch with an RRP of £119!!! For a chance to win, plese go onto my INSTAGRAM and just simply click 'like' & follow my instagram, and I will then choose a number via rafflecopter and pick the 1st/2nd/3rd etc person who liked the photo! Make sure you're following me as I will be DM-ing the winner!
It's as simple as that, the contest ends in 1 week on the 22nd & It is open internationally too!

Keep yur eyes peeled for so many more contests going over the next 12 days over on my instagram, facebook & twitter and I hope you guys are excited with what I have got lined up! :)

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Kavita Does New York with Macys | Black Friday @ Macy's

Whilst I was away in New York with Macys, one of the incredible opportunities presented to me (besides the amazing Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade of course!) was to be involved with seeing everything unfold on Black Friday!

A few years ago, all the stores opened on the Friday after Thanksgiving at around 3/4am. Crazy, right? Just like our boxing day here in the UK (they don't have that in America, which I found out when I mentioned the similarities to some of the staff and they gave me a rather perplexed look!) Black Friday is the day of all day for sales. Over the years I have heard so many crazy news story that have slipped into international media.. 'Woman gets crushed on black friday' '32inch TVs for $100' etc. Absolute carnage surely?
I told the doorman at my hotel I was working rhe black friday opening and he said 'good luck'.. was it really going to be that bad?

I was kindly invited along inside the store to see it unfold, along with other international press (and little old me, eh!) and I clearly fit right in with my little point and shoot and iphone haha!

Nowadays Black Friday has started on Thursday.. so Black Thursday is now a thing? The store opened 7pm sharp which meant I was there for 6:30pm after I devoured the thanksgiving food I made earlier in the day. It's strange to me that they have started the sales on actual Thanksgiving now, which UI think annoys a few people that have to work the day as it's enough stress as it is without having the added factor of it interrupting their family time.

I was also given a $200 giftcard from macys to shop the sales.. and you can find out what I bought in tomorrow post. But for now.. I will leave you with a video of the carnage that is Black Friday(/thursday) in Macys!

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Twelve Days Of Christmas - #11 Alice Made This

Welcome back to the 12 days of christmas series.. 4 days late, eh! So sorry it's taken a back seat.. I forgot just how busy it is this time of year and sorting through everything I want to feature got a *little* on top of me.. I'm super duper sorry!

So today isn't a giveaway but a little mention to the wonderful 'Alice Made This'

I'm probably the worst at getting other halves gifts, so when Alice said she had a something for the man in my life (boyfriend, bother, dad, etc) I thought it would be great to have something to give that is a little bit special.

James gold cuff & Pin set, £290 - Alice Made This*

I recieved a gorgeous package which had a tie pin and cufflinks inside and I couldn't get over just how much I loved te packaging! It's quite easy for you to pop into your nearest debenhams or John Lewis and pick up some random bits and bobs for the males in your life, but for me, this is one of those things that is perfect as a gift because of the presentation and quality. It definitely looks like you put more thought into it, and it's always nicer to give someone something that is slightly unique!

There are so so many options on the site, and it's always nice to support something that is homegrown from Britain.
Thanks so much to Alice for providing me with the perfect gift for my boyfriend! Fingers crossed he is just as excited as I was when I opened it!

Feel free to get 10% off with the code 'AMTVIP' at the checkout!
Have you decided what you're getting the males in your life yet?

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Monday, 15 December 2014

Kavita Does New York with Macys | 7FAM jeans

7 for all mankind are and my favourite jeans brand. I feel a little strange if on any of my trips I take, I've not packed a pair of them in my suitcase. I currently own about 6 pairs, and for someone that doesn't wear jeans all that often thats actually quite a lot.. oops!

Check Oversized Scarf, c/o New Look
Grey tee, Forever 21 - $4
Black Cape, Simon Gao
High Waisted Jeans, d/o 7FAM
ASOS Tan Bitten Heels, Christmas Present (Asos, £75)
Calvin Klein Tan Tote, c/o Calvin Klein

I really loved the layering I threw together with this outfit on the streets of NYC. Feels like forever ago that I was there! The scarf from New Look is literally one of my favourite things ever and so many of you guys also loved it if my instagram is anything to go by! I also reignited my love for my ASOs heels, which I remember getting for my 19th(?) birthday a few years ago after stalking the ASOS website waiting for them to come back in stock. They are still one of my favourite pairs of heels ever, from the colour to the style, they are one of the main reasons I started loving platforms so so much!
I also have so much mad love for this Simon Gao cape, it really is the best cape I own because it's incredible quality and it means I'm just walking around with a blanket on!

About a month ago, I was kindly invited into the new 7 For All Mankind Manchester store which is situated perfectly amongst some other awesome shops near the arndale center. I picked about an awesome pair of high waisted navy jeans from the brand and they were nice enough to take up the jeans for free which I think is actually a standard thing within the shop! It's nice to actually have a pair of jeans that are actually ankle grazers rather than me having to fold them over at the bottom.. #petitegirlproblemz!

Stay tuned for more 12 days of christmas posts (sorry I've taken a bit of a backseat - lifes gotten in the way a little!) and tomorrow post for what I got from the Macys black friday sales!!!!

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Kavita Does New York ft Macys | Thanksgiving & The Parade

New York is absolutely freezing in November. It's just like English weather only somehow even colder? I was so happy to be there for Thanksgiving but really could not imagine being there for the Dec/Jan/Feb months! For this reason I had to whip out my secret weapon.. this long River Island Coat.

Long length wool grey coat, River Island*
Grey wool turban, forever 21 - $5
Over The Knee Leather Heeled Boots c/o Miista
Black dress, c/o Choies

I was kindly given this by Mallzee who were given it by River Island for us girlies in Edinburgh and I snapped it up instantly! It's a longlength very thick wool coat which is PERFECT to wrap around you when it's minus a million degrees. Wrapped around, it's basically like you're walking around with a blanket constantly.. which I mean.. what more culd you wat from a coat?

I'm again wearing THOSE boots that I can't stop wearing, and I found this grey wool turban from forever21 for like $5 or something? I've been after one liek thie FOREVER so I was so happy to randomly stumble on it in forever 21 when I had a sneaky shop. Forever 21 is such an amazign store to go to if you're ever in the US, it's much cheaper than our F21 in the UK!

The Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade

I've heard so much about this parade over the years, it's actually pretty infamous with Americans, but I'd heard of it on so many American sitcom shows such as friends etc, and had always wanted to go. As it was a parade for Macys and I was working over in the US for Macys, they were kind enough to offer myself and a friend tickets, which was so kind of them! The tickets are actually worth a pretty hefty price too as we had seats!

It was pretty cold that day, I'm talking I had 154846 layers on and I couldn't really cope. So after a little while myself and Seema decided to run off and find the nearest starbucks to warm up! I enjoyed the parade for as much as I could stand the cold! There were people who caped out for the parade at 4am, so I was so thankful for Macys giving us tickets and letting us enjoy it (without dying of hypothermia!)

Of course the Thanksgiving parade is held.. on Thanksgiving! I was lucky enough to actually be in the US for thanksgiving (and black friday, but I will get into that at a later date!) I stayed at the hostel I stayed in last time for the last few days of my trip (as this was holiday - not work!) and we ended up making thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of girl scouts and other hostellers which was awesome! It did taste good (there was a veggie option for me too!) but I'm not a massive fan of roast dinners and things.. the stuffing was ace though!

Have you ever wanted to go to the Thanksgiving Macys Day Parade?

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