Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Kavita Does Marrakech - Come Outside.

Deep in the heart of the old town in marrakech lies the souks.. the lovely little stalls and marketplaces that fill the old town with noises, colours and smells that excited all the senses.

Would you believe that these photos were taken just outside of our Riad which was a mere 5 minute walk away? The streets in the old town in and around the souks are honestly such a maze and also incredibly quiet, something which was amazing to say just how close it is!


Just behind these photos is the door to our Riad that we stayed in. Something incredible about the streets of Marrakech is how old and torn the streets look from the outside, and how beautiful and serene they are on the inside.

I am obsessed with headpieces and this one is a subtle yet elegant one, that emulates a very grecian bohemian vibe. The blue trousers from forever 21 are a firm fave of mine now and are not only incredibly comfortable but I have received so so many compliments on them - they were about £15?! The top is a white lace one from Daisystreet which is perfect for keeping a little more covered but not too hot as well!

Have you ever had the chance to explore the streets in old town Marrakech?

This was not a sponsored trip, however Ugg were kind enough to partially pay toward this trip to Marrakech.

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Kavita Does Marrakech - Those White Lace Flares

Do you ever just feel like you want to dress up for a festival? I don't just mean whack on a pair of wellies and go, I mean really just dress up, all guns blazing like you've just walked out of Coachella (where people look fabulous but practical? not so much)

I really fell in love with these sheer flared trousers. I mean REALLY fell in love. I think it was Kendall Jenner that inspired them at last years Coachella festival and the boho vibez that went with it have had me hooked since. I saw a few on asos that were fairly pricey and for something that was going to be a fairly *daring* piece I wanted it to be cheap (I'm awful at remembering to return things!)

I Stumbled upon this pair which i think were £19? They are so beautiful - the pictures honestly just do not do them justice one bit! They are teamed with my wonderful off the shoulder crop I rocked at Benicassim last year with new look and is a firm fave in summer!

I'm whole heartedly obsessed with these shoed and hat as a combo, and as for the bindi, nothing screams festival that a little big of face diamantes, eh?

Incredibly sorry theres been literally 0 posts recently, I've been travelling so much and have had out of blog work that it's been hard to function but don't worry - all back to normal this month!


I also have some incredibly exciting news in the next few weeks which includes my biggest travel news.. ever! eeep!

Will trickle the rest of my Marrakech posts in the next few days a long with a wonderful little marrakech guide which I hope you will really really like :)

Have you ever just really craved festival fashion in a warmer climate?

This was not a sponsored trip, however Ugg were kind enough to partially pay toward this trip to Marrakech.

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Kavita Does Marrakech - #GreatEscape with Ugg

About a week ago you may have seen some incredibly sunny and exotics shots around Marrakech nestled into my instagram feed. I have always always always wanted to pop over to Morocco at some point, and with Ugg and their new Great Escapes campaign I finally got my opportunity!

When I told people I was off to Marrakech as part of working with Ugg many people were a little confused.. 'Ugg boots in a hot country - really?' people always forget that they aren't just about the infamous boot, they have literally so many summer shoes in store right now (picking a pair to showcase deemed actually quite difficult!)

Gold Strappy Sandals, Ugg*
Black Crop Top, £2 - Asos
Ethnic Printed Baggy Trousers, New Look*
Camel fedora, river island*

I absolutely love these gold strappy sandals, they are so comfortable compared to a lot of the cheaper sandals that I own and they're so dainty and beautiful that they go with pretty much every outfit! I decided to show you one of the more standard outfits I wore whilst I was out there!

Marrakech is a fairly conservative-ish country so to respect the countrys religions and values covering up a little more than I usually would was necessary! These trousers from new look are a perfect Moroccan style print, along with my standard fedora and these gorgeous sandals it was an easy outfit to throw together.

Ugg are currently running a chance to win your own great escape so make sure you check out this page for more details!
I'll be posting more of my Marrakech trip over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled!

This was not a sponsored trip, however Ugg were kind enough to partially pay toward this trip to Marrakech.

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Casual Affair @ Ox Pasture Hall

Here are a few more snaps from my recent trip to Ox Pasture Hall with my wonderful boyfriend!

He took these pictures and I loved them. The bath was probably the nicest bath I have ever taken and I'm one of those people that constantly takes baths when I'm staying in a hotel and I wasn't dissapointed.. such a dream!

We then headed out to check the grounds of the hotel after breakfast and they were just so serene and beautiful. I wore a very standard outfit (this was back in February - so when it was colder!) of jeans, boots and a boyfriend coat but I just loved what Duncan was able to capture.

These boots are one of my absolute staples in my a/w wardrobe and i wore them pretty religiously last year! They add something a little different to an otherwise boring outfit, and they are super flattering and very 'on trend'

The rest of the outfit is a little bit 'normal' for my every day photos but as it was a relaxing weekend I didn't want to fuss too much with what I was wearing and what I would look like. As a fashion blogger i do feel like I put pressure on myself to always try and look fashionable as I feel when I tell people my job and I'm not *looking* good, they are almost judging me for not being what 'fashionable' should be! Does anyone else get this kind of pressure?

Thanks so much to Ox Pasture Hall for having me and showing me a wonderful weekend away!
My question to you guys is what do you wear on a more countryside relaxed getaway?

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Valentines @ Ox Pasture Hall

For valentines day I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to stay up in Scarborough at the Ox Pasture Hall. As myself and my boyfriend Duncan weren't really sure what we were doing as we had been so so busy, I felt incredibly grateful to be given a chance to stay here (especially around valentines day!) and we headed to Scarborough to have a lovely night away from the hustle and bustle of city life!!

We arrived to a beautiful hotel, which was honestly breathtaking! We were lucky enough to get one of their suites which has a lovely view over the gardens, a gorgeous sofa, double bed and amazing bathroom/shower all in one. I could have definitely seen myself staying her for more than one night - I felt right at home!

We then headed to complimentary afternoon tea and cakes which were UNREAL. It was such a lovely atmosphere, where a wedding actually took place whilst we were there and I can understand why - it's such a wonderful place to have a wedding and the staff were some of the friendliest I've encountered!

After the afternoon tea we relaxed in the hotel watching a film and just chilling until it was time to head over for the main bit : dinner! It was a set menu so I was slightly worried they wouldn't be able to cater to my fussy vegetarian ways but it was unreal!

I opted for the veggie option as I'm a vegetarian (5 years running!) and Duncan had the steak which he said was one of the best hes ever had! I had this lovely Ratatouille and large onion and vegetable mix and it was unreal!
We then decided to share our desserts with each other and the chocolate pudding I had was just so delicious. I can honestly say this food was unbelievable (and this is coming from a super picky eater!)

I had such a wonderful time at Ox Pasture Hall and thank them endlessly for such a wonderful stay!
I would recommend 100000x over, but if not here then just staying at a hotel for a weekend away. We got to head over to Bridlington during the day, somewhere I used to visit often as a child and show Duncan around and pretty much just waste our money away in the arcades and bowling!

Have you ever had a lovely trip to a hotel just to get away, and which places would you recommend?
Let me know!

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