Monday, 20 October 2014

Kavita Does Belfast

In pure she wears fashion style I hopped off on a plane to another destination last week and it happened to be the wonderful Northern Ireland, specifically Belfast. I was there for Belfasts fashion week with Excel, which was such a great night and you can see part of it on Helens vlog here (and massive shout out to my girl for taking these awesome photos!)

Photos by Helen

Check blue coat, c/o Missguided
Grey knit cowl neck jumper dress, c/o Missguided
Over the knee black knit socks, Primark - 3 (similar here)
Black wedge buckle boots, gift
Black faux leather tote bag, c/o bershka
Fedora Hat, £14.99 c/o newlook

I saw this cowl neck sweater and coat combo styled on the missguided site because my incredible friend Sara is an amazing stylist and anything she puts together on there is on point, so I had to have them both. I got the sweater in a 12 so it was more of an oversized 'sweater dress' which I LOVE at the moment. I really love this oufit, it's a perfect mix of glam and casual. Especially as the weather was standard British weather out there (hence the rain in the photos!)

I also LOVE this bag, its one of my faves at the moment. Just a standard faux leather tote but so good to fit everything you need it. I was also told on a few occassions that this hat is one of those items I am 'very well known for' which I didn't realise until I looked in my old outfit pictures. I guess this hat really has been stuck to my head for the past few months but honestly fedoras transform so many of my outfits into something a little bit special (that and a lot of days I am having bad hair days!)

I'm off somewhere on Wednesday so sorry for the shortage of posts - bare with me!

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Monday, 13 October 2014

English Weather

As the title would suggest, at the moment we're going through the standard English weather here in the UK. You know the one, freezing, rainy and just abit.. crap really.

Red Beanie, gift from Carmen (available from ebay here)
Chunky charcoal cropped knit, vintage & thrifted - £1
Oversized Boyfriend Coat c/o New Look
Faux leather skater skirt, ebay -£5
Black and white snake print pumps, c/o missguided
Black and white box clutch, c/o new look

I'm not a fan of dressing for the cold, I don't like rain and to top it off I get cold so easily that for me a/w fashion isn't the best. But I'm learning and I am starting to adapt (you'd think living here for 21 years would have made it easier!) and for the most part I'm happy with the items in my a/w wardrobe!

I decided to add a pop of red into this quite dark outfit, and I'm obsessed with these shoes at the moment. SO COMFY. This vintage knit jumper I grabbed from a carboot a year or two ago is perfect - lovely charcoal grey and slightly cropped!

I added two videos about backpacking onto my channel if you guys have any burning questions about backpacking alone in Asaia - let me know what you think!

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

All Falls Down

So recently the weather has been horrible. I'm not a winter person in the slightest. I find it hard to layer up and mixed with my bad circulation means not only am I constantly cold but in winter it's just wet and miserable.

Fedora Hat, £14.99 c/o newlook
White Shift Dress, c/o OASAP
Leopard print kimono, c/o neverfullydressed
Brown block heel leather boots, £69.99 c/o new look
Fringe Bag c/o New Look
Bindi and rings, c/o Impulse Loves (Topshop)
Necklace, c/o Impulse Loves (Diva @ Miss Selfridge)

I'm trying to embrace the change though and today the weather cleared up so I decided to venture out with my sister to run a few errands and we have this lovely little park nearby thats on the way to all the shops. I thought it was a great moment to snap some photos and also show my legs whilst I still can!

I'm so obsessed with this kimono because it's not overly floral so it's still pretty werable in A/W, and I also love these boots so much that I wear them all. the. time.
I am so swamped with other work projects at the moment so pleaaaaase bare with me. I'm also doing my room up so I'm really excited to document all the changes going on including homeware hauls and mini DIY's!

I'm also making more videos (no, this isn't some kind of sick joke) so please subscribe to my youtube chanel and let me know what you think. Upcoming video will be the backpacking Q&A!

Hope the weather hasn't got you down too much guys!

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

5 Favourite Phone Cases: Lifeproof nüüd

I've decided to do a mini countdown of my top 5 favourite phonecases along with a mini review if necessary (for some just pictures will be more than enough!) For number 5 we have what I like to call my little saviour whilst I was backpacking.. the Lifeproof 'nüüd' case.

Lifeproof nüüd phone case for iphone 5, Ebay - £30

I get asked quite a lot regarding my backpacking trip 'How do I protect my iphone' 'Should I take my iphone with me' etc and for me there was no question. I needed to be able to work (cries) and also be able to contact home in case of an emergency. Also keeping on touch with fellow travellers I was with was quite important for me!
As I was backpacking and taking my iphone 5 with me, I knew that I wanted to have some peace of mind. Yes, if it got stolen theres not much I could do about it, but I wanted to know that that would be the only scenario regarding my phone, and that the likelihood of it smashing or getting waterdamaged on the beaches of Thailand were going to be rare.

The best things to note about this case are:
Totally submersive under water up to 2m
Totally sealed from dirt & dust
Completely closed to snow & ice
Survives drops from up to 2m

The amazing thing to me is that it comes with no screen on the front, but is still waterproof! You are given a 'dummy phone' as practise to put in and check if its waterproof beforehand (unfortunately I have misplaced this!) and low and behold, under 2m of water, it is completely waterproof! I wasn't using this as a way to actually take my phone INTO water, but more that if it got really rainy, or I accidentally knocked a drink over it (easily done!) then it would be pretty protected.

It also comes with a latch over the charging port which is genious, and also a cover over the headphone socket. To use headphones, you're given a headphone adaptor as putting headphones into it normally isn't possibly due to the thickness of the case (which thanks to the new 'nud' design isn't too bulky!) which again.. I misplaced. Or rather lost in Cambodia. Which was bound to happen and isn't the end of the world, but just rather annoying!

If you are prone to accidents with your phone and aren't fussed about a fancy case but want it to be protected, or are going backpacking, hands down recommend this phone case 100%. It isn't the cheapest out there, and if you want to get a cheapy option then ebay have lots of them for less than a tenner here, but the Lifeproof case, to me, was such a great investment. I came home from my 5 weeks backpacking with a completely fully working phone, which I can tell you is a very rare thing!

I got mine off ebay second hand for around £30, but the RRP is £56 on the official website. I would recommend trying to find one on ebay! Also - they do cases for lots of different phones, not just iphones and they do them for IPADS. I think thats going to definitely be my next purchase as I'm forever worried about my ipad breaking!

Massive disclaimer. Lifeproof haven't sponsored me or given me this for free I just love this case so much!

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Friday, 3 October 2014

Hello, October!

Well well well. Look at this, I'm back to the Sheffield backdrops and outfit pictures. It's been a bit of a weird time for me, I'm not going to lie. Being out of the country so much and living out a suitcase has really made blogging hard. 'It's your job right'.. exactly. I feel forever guilty neglecting the blog when I have other projects going on. I promise I'm trying to get back into the swing of things!

Ray Ban Wayfarers, c/o Sunglasses Shop
Fedora Hat, £14.99
Black long chiffon vest dress, c/o Choies
Check/Dogtooth Monochrome Coat, Thrifted (similar here)
Black Patent Tassled Loafers, New Look

Autumn is officially setting in, all the leave are on the floor and it's the 'get all my coats out' time of year. Greanted, it's been fairly warm for October, but I'm still adding a million coats into my mental wishlist. Particularly Missguided and Asos by far have the best coats. I want every duster coat in every colour thank you please.

I decided to borrow my sisters pretty patent loafers for this outfit (Even if they are way too big for me!) and I was never really a loafer person, but I'm loving how they're being styled this season and I think I'm gonna really try and master the boots/brogues/loafers trend for A/W. I won't forget my heels though - don't worry!

It's really weird to think that this time last year I was living in Germany and living a really different life. I was trying to find my feet and gain experience doing something 'outside' of the blogging world, and I honestly feel like that experience changed me. Having to live on my own, in a country I didnt (and still don't) know the language.. I am really proud of those 3 months in Germany. I honestly miss so much about it, especially the wonderful friends I made there.
Hopefuly I'll keep on top of this blogging thing, and take a peak at my youtube as well because I decided I'm gonna actually do that properly also. Look at me being all organised and that.. lets see how long it lasts!

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