Monday, 29 September 2014

Kavita Does New York: The Library Hotel

For my first night in New York, I arrived to the one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen.. The Library Hotel, NYC.

I was lucky enough to get this night for free, however I was willing to stay there for a few extra nights at my own expense at it was just so incredible. Unfortunately, they didn't have enough rooms on such a last minute trip, so I could only have the room to myself for one night, but it was absolutely amazing.

The Library Hotel is adorned with books, and the attention to detail meant that I genuinely felt like I was wrapped up in a library for the night. The location is absolutely unreal, right next to Grand Central Station in Manhattan, just a stones throw away from everything such as Times Square.

As I travel so much I'm going to start doing mini reviews of some amazing places such as hotels or places I've eaten as I think if you guys ever visit it's always nice to give some recommendations! This hotel is amazing and if you're looking to splash out a little and treat yourself on a trip to NYC, this hotel honestly has everything!
Upstairs there is a little lounge area a long with a rooftop bar, and downstairs theres also a resturant which I decided not to go to as I don't realy enjoy dining alone, so I enjoyed a spicy noodle salad in bed instead!

It was also in the top 3 most comfortable beds I have ever slept in (yes, I have a list) so if that doesn't win it for you, don't know what will!

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Kavita Does New York

After an amazing few days in Philly, I headed off to one of the most talked about cities in the world.. NEW YORK! I have always wanted to go, and I'm pretty sure it's on the top of everyones bucket lists!

I had never been to the city before, but like I explained in my last post I got a great deal and hopped on a megabus for a cheap $20 return trip and got there in just two and a half hours. I spent one night at The Library Hotel (which I will do a proper post on tomorrow!) and the rest of the time stayed in the Hostelling international New York Hostel.. which is amazing as it's incredibly central (in upper west side in Manhattan!) and the rooms were lovely, and I met some amazing people!

For the last day I did a massive walking tour of New York, which included Brooklyn, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge & Heights, The World Trade Centre and going to Staten Island and seeing miss Lady Liberty herself!

I will let the pictures do all the talking, but for a quick 2-3 day visit I saw so much and genuinely fell in love.
It is now my second favourite city in the world (behind Tokyo obviously!) and I can't wait to return.. which luckily for me will be happening in November! Cue massive amounts of excitement!

Also I did a little vlog again.. make sure you have a little look and let me know if you'd like more of them! They are quite a lot of work to make and trhen edit, but It's so nice to show you guys what I get up to when I travel and also for me to have as a memory!

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Kavita Does Philly ft The Philadelphia Collection #4

So for my last part of my Philadelphia posts I am showing you one of the favourite activities we got up to and one of my favourite places in the whole of Philly.. The Philadelphia Magical Gardens.

White Faux Leather Fedora, c/o Bershka
White Scuba Bralet, c/o Missguided
Navy Blue Long Culottes, c/o Urban Outfitters
Black Birkenstocks, River Island - £50

Isaiah Zagar designed the Magic Gardens in 1994 and as you can see from the pictures, it's not really a surprise that it took him 13 whole years to complete It's absolutely breathtaking, and I'm not a massive art fanatic by any means, but when you walk into a place thats as beautiful as this, it's hard not to be completely blown away. If you are ever in Philadelphia, I would 100% recommend having a look around this beautiful place, theres more information on their website, but we had a lovely tour around the building and everyone who works there is so passionate about the building and the history behind it, so it was really a lovely thing to be shown.

Afterwards, we were shown around Phildelphia to admire a few of the amazing Mural pieces dotted around the city from the Mural Arts Program. The history is pretty poetic - The Anti-Graffiti network were hired to reach out to graffiti writers within Philadelphia to direct their attention to contructing beautiful pieces of art in the form of Murals instead of graffiti. The artists are unbelivably talented and it's incredible that these are all just spaced around Philly, it really highlights the city as an artist capital.

The next morning we grabbed a bite to eat at a lovely little place called High Street On Market, whee I had a delicious home made bagel and cup of tea.

Then I said an emotional goodbye to Philadelphia and hotfooted it to the Megabus station where I decided to take a few days on holiday to the wonderful New York City. What I found which may surprise some of you is that a return ticket for a megabus into New York (a whole different state!) is only $20.. that is £12! Absolutely amazing and only 2 and a half hours. If you ever find yourself in New York then please take a day or two trip to philly to see some of the most amazing things I was able to see, its so cheap and easy! Philadelphia is also SO MUCH CHEAPER than New York especially for clothes, so I would urge you to grab a bargain bus trip! I also had a top seat view so I was able to take the whole trip in and it was amazing.

Thank you so much to The Philadelphia CVB @ Discover PHL particularly the wonderful Christina who was an absolute gem in showing us around and is truely an asset to the CVB, as she is just so passionate about her hometown and it really showed throughout the trip!. They showed me how amazing Philadelphia really is and I can't thank them enough!

Keep your eyes peeled for what I got up to on my mini trip to the Big Apple!

P.s. I made a video about my time in Philly.. Let me know what you think!

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