Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Forever 21 : The Spring Collection

I've always been a massive fan of forever21. Not only for the clothing being incredibly affordable, but completely on point 100% of the time. Its just one of those stores you go into and just cannot only buy just one thing.. it always gets me!

I was lucky enough to grab a few of my favourite pieces from their new Spring Collection and put together an outfit and I must say.. this completely screams festival fashion that I just want to jump on the next plane to L.A and experience Coachella all over again!


I am really into the whole ethnic/tribal print thing this season and I'm not kidding, Forever 21 is absolutely amazing and spot on for this. Particularly this dress which I am still waiting to be restocked.. It's the kind of thing you would find from free people but so so so much cheaper!

I decided to grab a pretty pair of patterned flares (which are ridiculously comfortable) and pair it with an oversized crochet top and some wooden style wedges. This screams boho chic to me and is something I feel Vanessa Hudgens would wear on an every day basis (I wish I was as cool as Vanessa to just look badass 24/7) and I decided that a dark brown fedora would fit quite nicely. Obviously any excuse to grab another fedora in another colour.. right? Well, this one gives off the right kind of boho and almost midwestern vibez (slightly Indiana Jones-y if I do say so myself) which is perfect for festivals too for you know.. when you haven't got time to wash your hair?!


All items, Forever 21*

I'm definitely looking forward to being able to rock the boho look this Spring, and I genuinely have just fallen for forever21 all over again that I am not excited to look at how much my total basket price comes too right now (clue: it's a lot!)

I genuinely think out of all the affordable brands similar to Forever 21, they are the most on point this season and have so many pieces that just look SO much more expensive. The perfect thing about Forever 21 is that it's one of those stores that not every single person is wearing (I'm looking at you topshop & primark) so you don't feel like you're just wearing what everyone else is wearing!

Oh and did I mention this whole outfit came under £100? I know, crazy!
Have you spotted anything in Forever 21's new Spring collection that has caught your eye? I'd love to hear what you've been loving (which may add more to my basket but it's worth it.. right?)

Photos by Duncan Philpott. Shot with a Canon 5d Mark III and an 85mm 1.8 lense / Sigma 35mm 1.4 lense and edited in Adobe lightroom.

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Kavita Does Lisbon - Short Hair Don't Care

One of the last outfit posts from Portugal.. and no your eyes aren't deceiving you - my hair is SHORT!

Okay so my hair isn't actually short. I have been uh-ming and ahh-ing about cutting my hair for a while now. Ever since the short messy medium bob became popular the past few months I have seriously considered getting the chop. For the first time in 6 years I have genuinely thought about it, and so I am now wondering.. should I or shouldn't I?


Potential haircuts aside, this outfit is one of my absolute faves, and I wore this when myself and my sister headed to a few cool and quirky bars around Lisbon.

The tutu dress is an absolute steal that my mum got from a charity shop for me and you will never believe the price and dress size it actually is..

Cleated Sole Black Platforms, Stone Fox* | Faux Leather Aviator Black Jacket, Ebay - £27 | Tutu Tulle Skirt Dress With Stripe Top, Thrifted -£2 (similar here)

This is a dress for 8-10 year olds ands it was a cheap £2.50. When you are a little ole' 5ft 2, size 6 girly like myself, joking with everyone about how you can 'fit into children sized clothes' is a standard.. but it's actually pretty true.

The tutu tulle skirt is beautiful, I really one a skirt like this to wear with a leather bralet and some docs and a leather jacket.. it screams 90's and I love the idea of mixing super girly and grungy! If you have seen any perfect tulle skirts let me know.. I think asos had a few but I think they've gone now!

How do you guys feel about my short 'do and my tulle tutu skirt?

Photos by Kamisha. Shot with a Canon 6d and an 85mm 1.8 lense and edited in Adobe lightroom.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Kavita Does Lisbon - White out.

Another post from the lovely Lisbon, and this outfit is definitely one of my faves! It wasn't the *hottest* of days when we were away, but it was still sunny, so grabbing a pair of shades and wearing a bralet with a cardigan over wasn't something that looked too out of place, and I thought it was a great time to wear all white.. something I looove doing come summer time!

I always feel a little more in my element when I'm in a warmer climate. Even if it's only be a few more degrees, being able to wear brighter colours or lighter fabrics just makes me 100x happier, and getting use out of the many bralets and sunnies I own is always a bonus. I can't wait until it's EVEN sunnier so I can rock all my floral crowns!


White Bralet, Missguided* | White trousers, Sheinside* | White kimono cardigan, New Look* | Gold necklaces, River Island* | Cross Sandal Sliders, Bershka* - £25.99 | Michael Kors Skylar Watch in Black & Gold, The Watch Hut* - £246 | Various gold rings, impulse loves (topshop)* | Rayban Aviator Mirrored Lenses, Sunglasses Shop*

I'm still obsessed with these cross sliders and I can't wait to live in them in the summer time here in England! Theres something so comfy yet chic about a good pair of sliders, I've been eyeing up a few pretty pairs on boohoo especially these white and silver ones!


These gorgeous orange/pink reflected ray bans are always a firm fave for me in the sunnier weather and I always get so many compliments when I whip them out! They can be quite hard to rock, and aren't the comfiest pair I own, but it's worth it for the added colour.
These white trousers are the most comfy trousers I own.. ever. They look amazing and I feel like I'm wearing PJ's when they're on (which is the dream for anyone!) I think they're the best thing to have in your wardrobe for the spring/summer transition!

Do you like rocking all white in the warmer months?

Photos by Kamisha. Shot with a Canon 6d and an 85mm 1.8 lense and edited in Adobe lightroom.

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Friday, 13 March 2015

The perfect gift: Mothers Day

As with every holiday comes up in the blogging world, gift guides come through. I wasn't sure if I was going to partake, but I realised there are so many things I've been looking at to get my mum for mothers day so I decided that I would share a few ideas with you in case you are a little stuck as to where to start!

Liz Earl Cleanse & Polish Beauty Trio
This arrived in the post a few days ago and I squealed. Everyone and their mum (quite fitting in this post then, eh?) have been banging on about how awesome this is and so I'm so excited to try it out. It comes in a gorgeous minty/turquoise boxed tin to celebrate the 20 year anniversary so it's the perfect gift! It comes with 3 different scents too which is always nice to switch up as the same thing can get a little boring.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Original
An absolute classic perfume and a gorgeous bottle, I feel like Marc Jacobs Daisy is a very mature floral-esque scent that isn't too overpowering, and would also look amazing on anyones dresser, young or old. I've had mine for the longest time as I only wear it on the odd work occasion as I'm more of a fan of flirty fruity scents, so this is something I would probably pick to give my mum over other perfumes. Shout out to Cacharel Anais Anais as well which I also thing is a gorgeous scent that most mums love (my mum wears it religiously!)

Ysl minis : Forever Light Creator Serum & Forever Youth Liberator Lotion, YSL lipstick in 01
I only have the mini version of these YSL beauties but they are absolutely unreal. After having them used on me during my NYC/Macys trip last year, I was a little bit hooked and am not looking forward to having to start buying YSL things for myself once my minis run out!
The youth liberator lotion and serum work perfectly for days after shoot when I've been caked in makeup and I need to inject a little bit of life back into my face and I think would make the perfect gift for any mother. Along with this mini YSL lipstick in 01, I think you really just can't go wrong with YSL gifts to mothers (that and a Jo Malone candle.. but I don't have that and also don't know how I feel about spending so much on something that would literally be burning money)

Yankee candle Medium Jar In Clean Cotton
If you aren't wanting to spend an extortionate amount on candle such as Jo Malone, yankee are a pretty safe bet. They aren't the cheapest thing ever but I have so much love for yankee and the fact they have such a variety! Clean cotton was my pick as everyone loves the smell of clean clothes.. but also my mum doesn't really like her house to smell too overpowering (and if you aren't too sure what scent your mum likes the most.. clean cotton is the safest bet!)

Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum & Estee Lauder Advanced Nigh Repair Eye Serum
Both of these have been massive staples in my routine for about 6-7 months now. Again like the youth Liberators, they are perfect for the night time after a very heavy makeup day, as my skin just doesn't feel like itself after it's been through all that. The other thing I find with these beauties is that the next day my skin feels so good I normally don't even need to put moisturiser on! If you only want to grab one of these I would recommend the eye serum, I don't know what it is but my eyes look 10000x better in the morning after a quick night time pamper with this!

Have you got any amazing gifts you've spotted for your mum?

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Kavita Does Lisbon - The trams

Lisbon is known for quite a few things. From their love of fish and sardines, to the beautiful architecture, I was so excited to explore. One of the other amazing things they are known for are the old school trams that are still running throughout the vibrant city

I was lucky enough to rent an amazing apartment with air bnb for myself and my sister (more info to come at a later date!) which was right next to this beautiful street, where the trams were on the doorstep. Literally. Looking out of the window of the apartment the tram is in full view (which ws a little annoying in the mornings as the walls are very thin) but so worth it for location!

I decided that although Lisbon was fairly warm whilst we were there (luckily) that February isn't exactly warm for anywhere in Europe, so I popped this gorgeous long line blazer from Fashion Pills in my suitcase as it was a perfect 'keeps-you-warm-but-not-too-warm' jacket, and instantly makes any outfit look less 'scruffy'

Camel fedora, river island* | Longline navy blazer, Fashion Pills* | Faux leather paperbag shorts, zara via ebay - £14.99 | Sheer white blouse/shirt, ebay - £5 | Beige buckle boots, new look - £35 | Rebecca Minkoff Satchel Bag - MyBag* | Blue reflective transparent sunglasses, flea market - £7 (similar here!) | Michael Kors Skylar Watch in Black & Gold, The Watch Hut* - £246 | Various gold rings, impulse loves (topshop)*

I really love my river island camel hat as it's been seen on my head pretty much non stop since I got it, and I thought pairing it with my favourite boots from new look at the moment were also a great pair! I also brought along my lovely little Rebecca Minkoff bag as I have started to love it again for the pure fact it goes SO perfectly with the camel hat (which again - hasn't really been off my head!)

The sunglasses are an interesting story. We headed to a flea market (as mentioned in my previous post) and I grabbed these for around £7. The reflective glasses are my fave things at the moment and the ice transparent frames are just stunning and so different. I've linked a similar pair for you guys that I found in case you wanted to grab a pair (which I would 10000x recommend, the amount of compliments I received was unreal!)

Sorry it's taken a while to get all my Portugal posts up, I've had so much blog related but not blog related work to attend to that I've been scattered with all my images and which memory cards I've put them on etc.. #bloggerproblems.

Hope you are all well and have been enjoying the GORGEOUS weather we've been having recently!
I'm off to the Cheltenham race course tomorrow and am hoping to catch some rays as I've been stuck inside on admin duty these past few days!

Photos by Kamisha. Shot with a Canon 6d and a Canon 50mm 1.8 lense and edited in Adobe lightroom.

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