Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Lacoste Desert Pool Party #livebeautifully pt 1

So if you have all been keeping up with me on instagram, you will have seen me flying over to California with Lacoste to attend their Desert Pool Party!

For the first day of the pool party I wore my lovely little sunflower shorts and matched it with this large sunflower crown from Rock n Rose. A lot of people thought it was a little crazy which I thought was strange as Coachella is THE floral crown capital of the world (lol)

I teamed it with this mesh detail top from Lacoste (which I'm annoyed you can't really see as I took it off at the festival and forgot to put it back on as it was SO hot!) and my amazing red Lacoste bag which I haven't really taken off since I got it! I love the preppy/festival feel of this outfit, and I added added a pretty little bindi from Miss Selfridge which was yellow so went with the outfit perfectly!

I tried to capture the essence of the party on pictures but it's quite difficult - I have more photos when people are actually here etc coming on the next post, so on this one I thought I would show you just how epic it is empty. There are cabanas for press/bloggers (thats me!) and on the opposite side is where the *celebrities* sit - yes - I had an amazing view for celeb spotting, it was amazing!

The first day there was a Taco van and as much alcohol as you could imagine on tap. We had great service in the cabana and I honestly felt like a VIP!

Oh and did I mention I met Katy Perry? Best experience of my life (along with meeting Rihanna - I can't pick which was better!)

The Desert Pool Party was actually my favourite thing about the whole trip! We headed off to Coachella in the evening which I'm not going to lie I didn't get many pictures due to actually wanting to ENJOY the festival rather than fully document it, but I got this little photo in the VIP section which was the only not full place to take an actual shot (and even then everyone was staring at me!)

Celebs I spotted in the VIP section were Jared Leto, Jordan Dunn and Kate Bosworth. You know - casual.

I'll be posting the next one up tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for that - I'm currently sat writing this before I catch my evening train to London to get on a 6am flight to Germany the next day. I'm still jet lagged and I'm pretty sure I have no idea what date it is but the past few days have been EPIC.

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Palm Springs

Carrying on from my last post, we set off on a road trip to Palm Springs! We ended up getting there super late as a 2 hour journey turned into a 4 and a half hour journey due to crazy LA traffic - but it was still amazing to see all the view on the drive - it's AMAZING!

Dungaree shorts, c/o Missguided
Black Polo, c/o Lacoste
Spike Black trilby/Fedora, c/o Missguided
Floral Long Kimono, c/o Bershka
Oversized Circle Sunglasses, c/o Zero Uv
Black Dr Martens c/o Scorpio Shoes
Diva @ Miss Selfridge Purple Bindi, c/o Impulse Loves
Topshop Necklace & Gold Ring Mix, c/o Impulse Loves

I took these photos outside our Palm Springs hotel (which is amazing btw) as we were going to be getting to Coachella late and I needed light (plus how col si the backdrop?!)

I wanted to wea a kimono and bindi with a floral crown to give off a Vanessa Hudgens Boho kinda feel

We ended up going to a random mansion party (theres apparently a lot of these around Coachella time!) and I saw Ashley Madekwe and blogging royalty Sincereley Jules, Song Of Style and Kristina Bazan - they're all super nice (and I felt incredibly out of place!)

After we went to the party we headed to Coachella to see Outkast which was UNREAL but I was so tired and JEtlagged that I felt like I didnt enjoy it as much as I could have - but it was still an unreal atmosphere!

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Los Angeles

Hello from California! I'm currently here with Lacoste Live and I have to say I'm having an amazing time - I literally want to move to America ASAP!

Coral Shorts and animal print monochrome & mint mix zip tee, c/o Lacoste Live
White Bralet, c/o Missguided
Boy London Cap, Ebay - £11.99
White Low Top Converse, c/o Bank

We arrived at LAX around 8pm and ended up back at the wonderful ACE Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles (it has an amazing rooftop pool & bar!) at around 11pm (US time) and I conked out. My plan was to get on American time, a.k.a not sleep on the 11 hour flight which I am thankful I did now, but at the time not so much.

I quickly got one of the Lacoste crew to snap this outfit for me before we left on a road trip to Palm Springs which was supposed to take 2 hours but it ended up being like a 4 and a half hour drove. We did stop at the Beverly Center and also grabbed a vanilla iced coffee at Krispy Kreme (which was amazing I wish we had more choice of iced drinks in the UK!)

I decided to opt for these cute coral pink shorts and contract it with the mint detailing of my Diana Mini and sleeves on the top. It looks really cute thrown over a bralet (plus its so hot here I needed to unzip it!) and topped it off with a simple snapback and converse - simple outfit for a lovely little trip!

I'll be posting my first Coachella outfit up tomorrow - watch this space!
Follow me on instagram for more Coachella goodness!

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Cali Vibes.

I feel like everyone is probably getting tired of me banging on about my trip to L.A, but I stil can't believe I'm actually going! I've been throwing on outfits that are getting me into the summer mood and this outfit is no exception.

Tropical Green Jungle Baggy Pants, c/o Bershka
Baggy Black Basic Vest, c/o Bershka
Zara Lookalike Yellow Long Sleeve Zipper Jacket/Blazer, c/o Sheinside
Neon Yellow Court Heels, c/o Barratts
Rayban Aviator Pink & Orange Reflecting Mirrored Lenses, c/o Sunglasses Shop
Topshop : Gold Ring Mix, Palm Tree Deisgn Necklace and Yellow & Gold Detailed Watch - all c/o Impulse Loves

I haven't worn this jacket in forever, it really works well with the heels (which I also haven't work in forever!) Sometimes it is nice to just go back into my wardrobe and just dig out some old gems - it's why I'm really bad at getting rid of stuff. I always feel like one day I will wear it again (and today I proved it - just need to make sure I wear it more than just once again!)

I absolutely LOVE these jogger jungle print pants from bershka, they are perfect. They are riduclously comfy too so I am going to be wearing them on my flight - it makes you look trendy without having to be uncomfortable, which is my favourite thing because I HATE being uncomfortable! I decided to team the trousers with this palm tree design necklace from Topshop -it's just too fitting ;-)

LAst but not least these sunglasses are amazing - and although they are a little annoying to wear at time (I have to wear them low which makes my nostrils look strange because they look weird high up on my small face!) they are perfect and I'm bringing them along to L.A with me (of course!)

I'm currently sat in the bac of a cab (thank god they do free wifi!) writing up this post on my way to L.A. with Lacoste for their Desert Pool party.. what is my life ey?

p.s. I'm flying business class.. HELL YEAH!

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Never Fully Dressed

I absolutely love the brains behind Never Fully Dressed. I remember recieveing this incredibly cool long tee and it's now a staple in my wardrone. I wear it with leggings, over the knee socks, even as a long tee at night because it's just SO comfy. Well, the NFD girls have done it again!

Long Spring Camel Coat, c/o Never Fully Dressed
Baggy Camel Pants, c/o Never Fully Dressed
Topshop Gold Chunky Necklace, c/o Impulse Loves
Chunky Leather & Suede Mix Heels, Ebay - £35
Black Leather Bikini Top, c/o Triangl
Black Floppy Hat, Primark - £6 (old season)

These trousers are the perfect amount of slouch. They are the comfiest trousers I own, and although wearing them on their own it can look quite strange (I'm talking mc hammer pants style) pinning them at the bottom and wearing a good pair of killer heels fixes the problem!
I decided to pair it with this amazing longline coat from the NFD too. The material is so light that it is the perfect Spring coat - they have it in black and khaki too and I've fallen so so in love - I need all the clours!

I wanted to team this with a bralet but my Triangl bikini top did the trick. Teaming it with an oversized floppy hat and massive chunky heels made me feel like an Olsen twin (in my dreams!)

I love how the brand is caled Never Fully Dressed and because of the tan/camel colour of both the trousers and coat being so similar to my own skintone - it really does look like I'm not 'fully dressed' .. pretty clever huh? ;-)

Tomorrow I'm setting off to London to stay overnight and fly out to LA on Thursday..
Excited doesn't really cover what I am feeling right now!

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