Monday, 5 January 2015

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22

Today is my birthday.

I turned 22 and decided to dress up as a princess because well.. if you can't do that on your 22nd birthday then when can you?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & New Year! Heres to 2015.. lets see what it has in store!

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Twelve Days Of Christmas - #8 Links of London Watch

Greenwich Gold Plated Black Strap Watch, c/o Links of London

I've always been a huge fan of Links of london, so when I was told that they had released some new amazing watches I was itching to get my hands on one!
I chose the all over blac watch with gold detailing as I've wanted a black watch for quite some time now.. and this one is ridiculously perfect, from the font and size of the numbers, to the perfect gold detailing through it.

The boxing is hands down my favourite box of any watch I have seen. When you open it, the mechanism inside is very different to other boxes I have seen and also adds so much value to this and makes it the perfect gift.
I can't wait to finally have a fairly 'high end' ish watch and get really good use out of it.. talk about the perfect Christmas present!

Have you had a look at any of the new Links of London watches?

p.s. have a merry little christmas tomorrow guys! <3 Youtube | Facebook | Twitter | Lookbook | Pinterest | Tumblr | Instagram | Bloglovin |
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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Behind the lense | Coin a photo

For myself, photography plays an important part in my blog. I wouldn't say I'm particularly an expert by any stretch of the word, but I enjoy looking at photos captured through someone elses lense, and being able to feel the moment or be inspired by the colours, textures etc.. For me photography is incredibly important.

For the last part of this year I am so proud to say I have teamed up with Coin a photo to contribute my own photography (check out my profile here!), as well as a few others bits coming over the next few months (such as helping judge contests etc) The concept is simple. You upload photos to the site and you can 'respect' (which is almost like liking on facebook or instagram' or award someone with a 'coin'.. which in turn can be exchanged for money and other exciting things. It's the first time I've really seen a proper community like this in photography that comes together and you get rewarded for things from other users, and it really is something I've become obsessed with searching through!

Here are just a few of the snaps throughout this year I've posted on the site, and throughout working with these guys I'll be posting a lot of photos that don't get shown here, as when I travel theres sometimes just too many photos to post all at once.. so it's nice to show you guys the photos that get 'left behind'!

I would love if you would let me know if any of you sign up to coin a photo so I can take a little look at the photos! The whole partnership is for launching the new app which is officially available to download now, so if you want to just add photos from your instagram or facebook etc, you can do that too!

They are currently running a competition for the christmas season. Simply grab your phone and capture a 'christmas image' and send it in and you could win $1000 worth of amazon vouchers, click here for more information!

This post is part of my ongoing collaboration with coin a photo
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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Twelve Days Of Christmas - #9 Triangl Swimwear

For the 9th day of my twelve days of Christmas I'm talkign about a perfect little gift for the woman or girl friend in your life.. and that is a Triangl Bikini. Although it's not summer yet, I think I wouldn't be wrong in assuming that a triangl bikini, with thanks to all the beautiful girls on instagram, is a firm favourite for all women out there!

The bikinis come in this awesome box and come with a lovely bag to pop them in (which ia great idea but the bags are also awesome for the beach anyway) but this is what I think makes them such a great gift!)

Poppy Peach Soda, Triangl* - £57
Milly Indiana Ice, Triangl* - £57

I own around 6 Triangl bikinis and every time they come out with a new style I am lucky enough to grab one to try out (yes I know, I am jealous of myself too!) and I honestly can say they are my favourite bikinis ever. They have so many different styles and colours. They also make me super look forward to my trips so I can rock them and grab a tan!

Triangl also do lingerie & I own a hot pink set which is one of the most comfortable sets of lingerie I own.. so the moral of the story here really is that Triangl rules in all aspects of life and it's December now but I cannot wait for summer now!

Have you ever bought anything from Triangl?

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Twelve Days Of Christmas - #10 Daniel Wellington

Welcome back to my 12 days of christmas, I have a sneaky giveaway for you guys over on my instagram and I have to say - it's probably my favourite one to be giving away!

I own a fair few Daniel Wellington watches, and the guys over at DW were nice enough to let me giveaway this lovely watch from their collection and all you have to do is head over to my instagram now!

I'm giving away this Daniel Wellington 'Classy Sheffield' watch with an RRP of £119!!! For a chance to win, plese go onto my INSTAGRAM and just simply click 'like' & follow my instagram, and I will then choose a number via rafflecopter and pick the 1st/2nd/3rd etc person who liked the photo! Make sure you're following me as I will be DM-ing the winner!
It's as simple as that, the contest ends in 1 week on the 22nd & It is open internationally too!

Keep yur eyes peeled for so many more contests going over the next 12 days over on my instagram, facebook & twitter and I hope you guys are excited with what I have got lined up! :)

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